Friday, October 29, 2010

A memorable coil

 The yellow watering hose is in a resting position. If watering is done 
twice daily over 3 years, the coil has been straightened 
and recoiled over 2000 times.

The yellow watering hose with a row of vegetable containers. 
Kale is not much to be seen, because they are going through  
the early stage of cut and come again technique.

As we water everyday we get to know that plants really need water to survive and to keep growing. Some plants are 95 percent water. Banana plant is almost water, but surprisingly the plant can grow so tall and stand upright even against the strongest wind. Then we come to know how leaves wilt when the soil is too dry and that is a signal of real thirst. Some plants wilt due to excessive water.  Watering is a little process that we have to go through everyday, and during such process we check the plants on their growth, look for signs of pest attacks or diseases and the weeds. It is not just watering......



  1. Watering is a small work but there are many things we can do while watering the plant!
    Your garden look so neat! All the pots are arranged nicely!

  2. Interesting watering hose story. I don't use a hose to water the plants, i use a pail to carry the water and round the garden for hundreds times and i find that is very stupid, haha. Wish you a happy gardening weekend.

  3. Plants with extreme needs are troublesome (gloxinia) but with the proper care, they'll bloom beautifully.

  4. Your hose looks to be a very obedient hose. Mine is always kinking up on me and causing trouble.

  5. It is an odd thing how hosepipes - no matter how tidily you coil them up - always get into a tangle when you go to use them again.

    I've nevr understood it: perhaps someone ought to carry out a study and write a report!

    Always find your blog fascinating seeing what plants are being grown the other side of the world to me.


  6. Malar~watering is more than feeding plants with water. very much a session to be with plants.

    Milka~ on economic terms, using pail will reduce wastage.

    Aaron~ plants that really need us to survive, offer extreme satisfaction when they grow well and bloom.

    Rosey~ the hose looks neat for the photo... haha, there are times when it is not so obedient.

    JOHNSON~ it must be coiled up at about the same diameter to maintain balance and neatness, otherwise it will all be tangled up.
    Yes, i love visiting other blogs too, to see something different.

    Cheers, happy gardening and watering.
    ~bangchik and kakdah

  7. Cool hose story! I am not an ardent gardener but I love admiring nice gardens:D

  8. Cool! I also have watering hose in my garden. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. Keep posting.

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  9. Quay Po Cooks ~ thanks to your encouraging comment.

    Seffliva ~ a gardener can never live without a hose. haha..


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