Friday, June 1, 2012

Markisa, passion fruits update 1

The last post was about two weeks ago. I had to be away for days, back home and then out again, which effectively disrupt my gardening plans, and blogging too. The pictures were taken 3 days ago with fruits getting much bigger.  Even my car doesn't look so shiny. So nature has it's own way of wax polishing!

Passion fruits are green in colour with little white spots randomly distributed all over. The shape is almost round. The remnants of the old flower still visible, drying up at the top portion of the fruits, while the little old stigma visible at the bottom.

markisa / passion fruit, the old flower still visible at the top

markisa / passion fruit

markisa / passion fruit, remnant of stigma at the bottom.

markisa / passion fruit, waxy shine with white spots

The other day I did a bit of weeding, put top soil around the root area and 
placed kantan leaves as ground cover.
Soon the fruits will change colour, green to yellowish green. 
I am watching closely.

........... b a n g c h i k      a n d      k a k d a h ..........
j o h o r


  1. I do love passion fruit. Years ago I grew the vine but at this home I have not yet planted it. The flowers are so beautiful that it is worth growing just for those and the fruit, well we know how delicious those are. You have a beautiful plant there.

    1. Passion fruit vine is a beautiful sight. Fantastic flowers and healthy fruits.

  2. exciting to 'watch' the passion fruit growing...quite luscious appearing!

    1. It's fun to see fruits progressively getting bigger, maintaining the round shape, with perfect shine.

  3. Look forward to the harvest. I have 3 plants that are just leafy:( Will seek your advice.

    1. huh... my advice?. Plants survive on basic needs; sunshine, water, fertiliser and penetrable soil for roots to anchor. As long as we are aware of these basic needs, both the gardener and plants will smile.

  4. Assalam...salam ukhwah dari Brunei...

    Will be following your blog....sungguh padat dgn info mengenai tanaman...we love gardening too..... :)

    Keep in touch yea...

  5. Salam... I am glad you find the blog useful. Blogging is all about sharing..


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