Sunday, June 27, 2010

Handling pineapples the small way

new plant in pot.

Growing pineapple in pot is not common in Malaysia. Everybody seems to be growing pineapples on the ground. When available land is limited, container gardening even for pineapples is the way...., the small way.

The growth of pineapple is so slow that we don't feel it growing. The growth is all about adding a new leaf in the middle, one at a time in a circular fashion. I would expect the leaves to get longer and the plant getting higher. Even with regular fertilizing and good care, I don't think the plant in pot will really grow as on the ground, but at least it fits the need for something very ornamental to please the tired eyes...

pineapple on vegetable bed


  1. Pineapples are indeed slow to grow regardless. I think they're fun. I've not enjoyed a harvest yet, so I'm definitely looking forward to fruit ONE day. Until then, I too will enjoy the tropical foliage.

  2. A truly pleasing 'little' plant. This is a fun post! Pam

  3. I like to eat pineapple, and I wish I could grow it here, be it in pot or ground!

  4. ~Kimberly

    Thanks everyone for the visits and lovely comments. Think about things that we can do with ripe pineapples: eaten raw, sliced for "rojak buah", for the juice, cooked as "pajeri nenas", masak lemak nenas, dont forget the standard item for "sweet sour fish" and pizza too.

    To get to that point, gardeners have to go through slow process of pineapples growing. A year is quite a wait for a little fruit Pineapple. But to think of all the menu, the wait is worthwhile...


  5. hehehe... Maria pun ade - cuba tanam nanas dlm pasu... tapi tak nampak grow lagi... tak perasan pulak pucuk baru die :)

  6. ejaMaria ~ puncanya, pucuk baru nanas tidak seperti pokok lain. Pucuk nanas awal-awal lagi sudah berbentuk seperti daun dewasa, cuma kecil. Setengah pokok, pucuknya warna lain dan lembut...

  7. I am glad that you are growing pineapples successfully. I envy you very much as I don't have much success on pineapples. I just wonder why this kind of grass (as pineapple is considered) seems so slow on growing. The slowest grass to grow. LOL

  8. I haven't have much success on producing a fruit for pineapples on a pot. I think the soil is not enough to bear fruits. I will try on planting it on a larger pot but to note its really nice to have one on a pot as an ornamental.


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