Monday, January 31, 2011

miracle berry: successful germination

I sow 8 seeds with full understanding that miracle berry / pokok ajaib has very poor germination rate.  When two weeks passed, we tend to forget about them and not really looking at them even though we regularly spray them wet.... Then one day, one seed let out long stem out of the potting soil. I loosened the soil to take them out just to see, haha just to entertain the child curiosity in me.... Yes, the long wait ends finally...., after 6 weeks. They are now ready to be the first batch of miracle berry plant in my garden grown from seeds..

 Two seedlings of miracle berry/pokok ajaib.
Picture taken on 23rd of January 2011.

The roots bend as they hit the bottom of the pot.  After germinating seeds over and over again, we slowly understand that some seedlings leave cotyledons behind, sending shoots up, while some push cotyledon up forming the first pair of leaves like sunflower.

 Chiku seeds just rooting.
They were sown at the same time with miracle berry.

the young miracle berry/ pokok ajaib seedling transfered into bigger pot
picture taken today.

the second seedling, struggling but doing fine.

another view of miracle berry seedling.

bangchik and kakdah
Taman Kota Harmoni, Tanah Merah, Kelantan


  1. It's good to know that little miracles are emerging! Congrats! May they turn into bigger miracles soon.

  2. I am so excited the miracle berry has germinated...2 little seedlings out of 8...good odds for a seed that is difficult to germinate! Look forward to watching the duo grow!

  3. How wonderful!! I have also gently dug up seedlings to have a look at the roots. They don't seem to mind at all. :)

  4. How great that you got it to germinate.

  5. like to see the berry AND WHAT YOU DO WITH IT.

  6. One.... But this plant will be different with the rest, because it has tap root or akar tunjang (in malay). Most miracle berry plants are from cuttings thus without tap roots.

    Theanne..... 2 over eight is a quarter or 25%. And that is the average germination rate of miracle berry from seeds... So it is alright.

    Rebecca.... as long as no roots broken, they wont mind..

    meemsnyc.... at least it satisfies the curiosity behind germination of miracle berry from seeds...

    Ann..... berries is a real sweetener. The sweetness lasts for hours..., we can eat kilos of sour plums and they are all sweet... haha.

  7. Congratulations! Now that you have so many babies, do you give them away or plant all in your garden?

  8. milka
    No giveaway yet... let them grow for a while. But I have promised Mother in law and Rosiah my sister, one each...

  9. Wow Bangchik. Amazing I have never even hurt of it. I'll look for pokok ajaib now to see if I was the only one.

    Congratulations on your success.

  10. Fantastic that the seeds has grown.
    I must google to se what they look like.I don´t think I have seen it before.

    Have a great day


  11. Aishah
    Drop by at any nursery and ask for pokok ajaib..... Eating a berry will ease you to finish a bag of the most sour kedondong..

    I am the real magician.., just a lowly paid prop manager.

    look for miracle berry or synsepalum dulcificum....


  12. It's fascinating to see this happening to your seeds. Look like miracle berry produces miracle for you ;-D I will usually not hope for anything to happen after two weeks passed. I hope your two seedlings will grow into wonderful strong trees that will produce plenty of berries.

    And yes 'makan besar' is the greeting for the season. Thanks B&K ;-D

  13. Congratulations on your success. Must find out more about Miracle Berry.

  14. Congrats my friend! Keep us posted on the growth...

  15. Hi Bangchik, I've extended an award for you, please feel free to pick it up when you're free. Gong Xi Fa Chai!!

  16. Congratulation. I love to see the miracle berry someday. About the chiku, I think it is the same with our chico in the Phils. I love that fruit but I can't find it here.

  17. Stephanie
    I have to treat the two seedlings differently because they come with tap roots. Pots may not be ideal for them... they have to be on the ground. Selamat Makan Besar... (Chinese elders in my home town say "makan musat...")

    Thanks.. google for miracle berry or synsepalum dulcificum, you may find something interesting..

    The two seedlings will take their own sweet time.... just like mempelam or rambutan... any tree grown from seeds will take ages to come up to the second pair of leaves..

    Selamat Tahun Baru China... may the new year be a prosperous one.., and the flowers bloom bigger, brighter, prettier and healthier. Thanks for the award..., I am thinking what to write.

    Chiko and chiku.., just a slight difference in pronunciation. Yeap, we are just brothers and sisters in the large piece of land called South East Asia.

    Cheers, Happy Chinese New Year!!
    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Tanah Merah, Kelantan

  18. how exciting, i love the macro photos of the whole process, thanks for sharing

  19. Bangchik, the berries of synsepalum dulcificum are red and juicy. Sweet sour plums? This is very interesting. It's like watching drama unfolding.

    Congratulations on My Little Vegetable Garden being featured in Malaysia Home & Decor Magazine, February 2011 edition!

  20. noel
    Thanks Noel..., photos will help to understand the germination process better....

    Autumn Belle
    Featured in Malaysia Home & Decor?... I will get one soon.

  21. Bangchik congrats on the growth of your new baby miracles!

  22. p3chandan
    Thanks.... I hope they grow well.

  23. You really have extra green fingers! Looking forwards for they updates!

  24. Malar... they grow so slow, just like mango.


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