Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I thought Clitoria Ternatea is going to be blue

top of the trellis

the winding clitoria ternatea

clitoria ternatea, the flower bud

clitoria ternatea, the flower bud
clitoria ternatea, the white flower

clitoria ternatea, the white flower

I am expecting it to be blue, but it turns out to be white instead. There are three plants growing, and this flower comes from the most energetic plant. I really have to wait for the other two to bear flowers, if it is going to be white or blue. The hunch is the flowers will be white too. Therefore to include blue in the garden, I have to ask Rosiah my sister to spare some seeds.



  1. Beautiful flower. I see where it gets it's name!

  2. May not be blue but sure is a winner.

  3. Bangchik, your white Clitoria ternatea is sweet and lovely. I have the blue butterfly pea seads. I can give you some. Please send me an email.

  4. Blue is common for Butterfly Pea. You got a unique one. That's nice.

  5. Butterfly pea in white? That's very special!

  6. Nature does like surprises. It is still a beautiful colour - but not unfortunately the clue you were expecting. Better luck next time!

  7. JGH
    you are right... in fact most orchids have that look. Probably clitoria ternatea is closest..

    Thanks, in fact white is combination of all colours! Our teachers used to say that in school.

    Autumn Belle
    Its alright, our neighbour two houses away, just pass me the blue seeds. Thanks anyway.

    It seems that colour ranges from white, mauve, light blue to dark blue.


  8. Malay-Kadazan girl
    Thanks. White is innocent, like school uniform.

    White probably the wild species. I don't know..

    I will soon grow new real blue clitoria ternatea, sharing the same trellis and see what happen...

    Keats The Sunshine Girl
    Nature is releasing its secret bit by bit...

    Cheers, happy gardening
    bangchik and kakdah
    putrajaya Malaysia


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