Friday, February 19, 2010

Ground Orchid about to show its true colour.

ground orchids 
showing the true rich purple buds

ground orchid

ground orchid

 ground orchid
Swan heads breaking into a couple more little heads

Ground orchid
in pots

An ealier post  shows the buds almost like  swan head
 Now the true color is coming very clear. But the blooms are still hidden. As predicted, the color is going to be rich purple. Thanks to Tes , for suggesting  the name. Ground Orchid! I googled and found ground orchids, and they are exactly like mine. The other day both of us went over to the Tono's Nursery, 5 minutes away, and to my surprise, ground orchids are not limited to just purple blooms. Over there I saw beautiful white ground orchids sold at RM8.00 per polybag. Tono didn't have purple ground orchids.  We then discussed about exchanging the two orchids. We will wait until our purple ground orchids produce more babies.... So this is going to be our first attempt at doing barter trade with Tono.

~ bangchik
Putrajaya, Malaysia.


  1. I love the way you always capture the beauty of the most delicate things in the garden.

  2. Hi Bangchick what a delightful plant and flower

  3. Dear Bangchik, I am so pleased that you have posted pictures of the orchid coming into flower. It is, and will be, lovely - a rich, regal purple, one of my favourite colours. Good luck with your bartering with Tono - an excellent way of doing business.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my latest posting to which I have replied.

  4. hi dear, thanks so much for your comment but i'm here to ask apology because I happened to click the 'reject' tab all comments that I suppose to publish and yours is one of them..I don't know how to put it back..its in my email..i can copy it and repost..but it will be my name/link who will appear there. If you have another time to do it..I will be happy but if you have no more time, I will make a way anyway...haaay! I'm so sorry!

    Oh lovely flowers here..thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a graceful shape and beautiful color.

  6. The bletilla is one of my favorite spring flowers. Mine aren't yet to open but perhaps they'll be inspired by yours!

  7. cant wait to see it fully open - how long will it keep us in suspense?

  8. Orchids I think are the Cadillac of the flower world. These are going to bloom into rich purple eloquence. Just beautiful

  9. What a pretty flower! I hope you get some babies so you can make some trades. Sounds like a great way to get some new plants.

  10. You know it looks like a Bletilla striata --what we call an Urn Orchid. It is a beauty!

  11. I also have ground orchids, but they are not blooming at the moment...trying to gather themselves after the cold spell...and we've experienced a slight frost the last two nights again. UGH!! Yours looks beautiful!

  12. ...Ahh, now the swan heads are 3-headed.
    What a beauty, Im jealousy looking at your flowers as Im still wondering when mine is going to flower.

  13. That is going to be one lovely orchid!
    I think you're right about the chickens, for some reason they're just going crazy eating. Must be the weather. I've been bringing them home bags of greens from my workplace to make up for their loss of garden plants since we fenced them in.

  14. Hello Bangchik & Kakdah! Purple is a nice colour :-D

    I hope you would get that barter trade. It is good to know that nursery owners get interactive with their customers. This would really encourage gardeners to grow and share more plants with others :-D

  15. Bangchik, your orchid is lovely. You do have green fingers and thumb. I am posting ground orchids too. What a coincidence! Mine is the Spathoglottis, our kampung orchids :)

  16. What a gorgeous colour. It's going to look spectacular when it's in full bloom.

  17. Bangchik, thanks for your Ground Orchid. The leaves, the chinese in the village use them for tying rice dumplings. Thanks for the name.

  18. hi...i just signed on to follow you! i just love that i can visit somewhere that shows something other than snow! i love the pic of your gnome with the scarf. cute!

  19. I love the color of that ground orchid. It's beautiful.

  20. Rebecca @ In The Garden
    Edith Hope
    Poetic Shutterbug
    James Missier
    Kim and Victoria
    Autumn Belle
    sweet bay

    Thank you very much friends, new and old. Your lovely comments will be whispered to the ground orchids to entice them to produce the best ever rich purple flowers.. haha.

    So, there is a specific name to this orchid. BLETILLA!! .. thanks LindaCTG, Janet.

    Ground orchid is such an independent plant, it will grow without much fuss, but the first bloom is such a long wait. I just hope it will bloom regularly, every now and then. Will it?... huh.

    There will more updates as the bud opens up its lovely petals and bare its secret!! Stay tuned....

    Putrajaya, Malaysia


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