Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Introducing Papaya in Tanah Merah little vegetable garden.

the site for papaya are marked 
with stakes equal distance apart.,
four of them, running in parallel with roselle.

 little papaya seedlings,
 the strongest will claim the spot.

 another spot 
meant for papaya with tiny seedlings

the extra seedlings in two  polybag, 
scooped out from where the rest are growing.

There is only nursery nearby, 10km away specializing in clay pots and ornamental plants, definitely no fruiting plant seedlings and vegetables. The other day when I go to Terengganu, I have been stopping at roadside nurseries looking for papaya seedlings.  I was quite disappointed for not a single nursery kept papaya seedlings. So I decided to buy one ripe papaya to get seeds. Kakdah peeled the papaya and served as desert. The seeds were scooped out and practically thrown onto four designated spots. After a week or so, they sprouted and I quickly scooped a few into two polybags as back-ups.

The strongest will be allowed to continue in each of the four spots. For now they are still tiny. Growing in a cramped place like that somehow help them to grow taller, and will not collapse easily under heavy rain or swept by gusty wind. It is good for a change, not having to grow them in tiny pots and go through the meticulous transplanting.

I think they are going to survive and grow strong.

bangchik and kakdah
Taman Kota Harmoni
Tanah Merah, Kelantan. MALAYSIA


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  2. I have hard time finding papaya seedling in nursery too! I wonder why is it so.....
    Hope to see your papaya fruits again!

  3. They look beautiful even at this stage.

  4. Bangchik your new garden is coming out so nicely marked for every new plant, its like a new white canvas, ready for a myriad of colours to bring it to life!

  5. Your garden grows Papaya...I need to learn more about Papaya, so will look it up!

  6. Your Papaya seedlings seem so tiny and frail. It is so amazing the will of plants to grow and thrive! To think you will have papaya! ;>)

  7. InsyaaAllah.

    I remember "masa kecik-kecik", we ate young papaya, cicah garam belacan. Got to have it now!:)

  8. Good luck with your papaya! It is good that they grew so easily from seeds picked out of a fruit. Sometimes seeds from commercially grown fruit do not sprout. I wish you much success with them!

  9. Looks like you are having lots fun with the new garden.

  10. Eat and then grow! Works well together! Hope your papaya plant will grow strong and healthy with lots of sweet fruits. Your garden seems to be turning out nicely. Good for you!

  11. ~lennyann
    Thanks for the info.
    It is so easy for seeds to sprout that most find it convenient to germinate on their own.

    ~Comeca Jones
    Yes, but wait when their leaves open up wide with exotic patterns.

    Thanks..., i hope the seedlings turn out to be female.

    Interestingly the canvas is red soil.., tanah merah. Soon the colours will evolve beyond just red.

    ~Theanne and Baron.
    I really want to see the compound becoming like a matured garden to match up with lawn turning green within 6 months.

    amazing indeed for papaya and all living creature.

    but be prepared with an answer if someone ask, "mengidap ka?"

    Fresh seeds are always dependable. They are eager to sprout.

    Once we treat it like a duty, then the fun will go away.

    ~kitchen flavours
    The garden is crawling still. It will turn well within 6 months with healthy lawn. At least that's the current target.

    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Taman Kota Harmoni
    Tanah Merah


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