Monday, March 28, 2011

assessing the lawn: 4 months later

The lawn was in terrible shape the last two months, with no rain for a stretch of a month. Automatic irrigation system I am having, cant cope with ever thirsty grass. Luckily the much awaited rainfall came last week, and the grass smiled.
How time passed.  November last year, roselle and papaya were  the first to be introduced in into our little garden in a very bare compound. Cow grass was planted towards the end of November.   I did a few posts at the early stage of  the lawn ;   Preparing the lawn  November 25th 2010 followed by  Lawn in the making with new kpi   on  December 3rd 2010.
Yesterday, Rosli came to cut the grass. It wasn't easy for him, with poly pipes of irrigation system spread all over the lawn.

The lawn four months later

 lawn trimmed short
Roselle on the left, papaya in the middle and some climbing plants by the fence

 Rosli , cutting the grass.

Papaya will take a year to mature and bear fruits. 
We have to wait....

Lawn, the last four months

November 2010
20.11.2010, still bare and empty
Roselle and papaya just planted

November 2010
20.11.2010 vegetable bed ready, lawn still bare

December 2010
 4.12.2010 a week old lawn, spot turfing as we call it.

January 2011
 7.1.2011, grass and roselle were enjoying the monsoon rain.

February 2011
8.2.2010 the driest month, the lawn showing it, yellowing.

The Lawn now.

a neighbour Eri, gave a remark yesterday, "baru nampak berseri!", referring to the lawn, roughly translated as " now the lawn sparkles!".

bangchik and kakdah


  1. Dear Bangchik, You are making great progress with your new garden. What a transformation! P.

  2. You have a pair of magical hands.

    Try to make everything "berseri"?!!

  3. Berseri-seri. I remember when I was little, we would wait for a young papaya to eat with sambal belacan. Teringin pulak.

  4. You really have green thumb! ALl your plants enjoy your care!
    As rainfield61 said, you do have magical hands!

  5. Memang berseri. Houses always look good with greens around.

  6. I'm jealous of your papaya plants! :)

  7. Very lucky to own a house with a garden patch.

  8. Pam's English Garden
    Thanks... a necessity in fact, getting tired with bare and red lawn!

    I wish I can click fingers and see dreams come true..

    It is much quicker getting it from pasar tani.. or pasar malam.. or pasar siang. Growing papaya is a yearlong wait.

    A love affair with plants; I know what they need, I assume they know what I want. A recipe for long lasting affair huh!..

  9. Your lawn definitely sparkles Bangchik. Growing plants and trees is all about waiting isn't it? But how beautiful the results!

  10. milka
    It is tough to keep green as the colour. They need water and fertiliser and mowing too!

    Helen Lewis
    Papaya is too exotic a plant. They take their own sweet time at the early stage, and speed up half way through.

    Both lucky and tiring. Gardening is a profession by itself, but I do it for fun on my own sweet spare time!

    The Cast
    So far so good, thanks.

  11. Theanne and Baron
    as anything else, positive results make you forget about the long wait.

  12. It's nice to see the progress of your garden. Memang berseri! Plants are really happy under the care of your green fingers!

  13. kitchen flavours
    Thanks.... but plants do have tantrums, we just never know when they choose to blow up!

  14. good luck with this lawn project. Bangchik. A lovely lawn is wonderful to have, but I always feel it's more effort than it's worth. although having said that, I really miss the lawn I used to have, with all its imperfections! cheers, c

  15. ~catmint
    I see your point about putting effort and worth on a scale. In fact our garden is the only one with lawn in the neighbourhood of about 100 houses.

    In the most simplistic reasoning, I would say a lawn is like the make-up to otherwise very bare compound. It will support organic health of the soil with earthworms etc. It does have cooling effect to the whole compound which can be very hot some part of the year.

    But to keep it tip-top, it is never easy, at times very troublesome.


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