Saturday, June 11, 2011

Giant Sunflower, three of them

It's giant sunflower, that's what written on the seed packets, a giveaway from Diana; a PhD researcher, a keen gardener, the mother of Rayyan. We have been waiting how high they will reach up to, and how big will the flowers be. So in the end, the seeds reveal their true DNA make-up. One reach up to 8 feet, the other two about 6 feet.

Then I wonder if ordinary sunflowers will become giants if they are overfed. If human succumbs to obesity, I suppose plants should too, as what keen pumpkin growers had been showing as they come out with 100kg giant size harvest. If human can get rid of the extra fat through regular exercise or fat extract or serious dieting program, I am thinking if plants could do the same, on their own free will. Or they have safety mechanism in their system refraining from going beyond their DNA specification....

Giant Sunflower, three in a row

Giant Sunflower. the one on the left.  

Giant Sunflower. The tallest at 8 feet.

The middle sunflower is bending heavily, almost forming a complete letter "C". The left one is still showing its blooming stage and the right one is shooting higher than the rest, with a lot of flower buds branching out. Three giant sunflowers with characters of their own. Fantastika. Thanks Diana.


  1. Sunflowers all ways make me smile

  2. How beautiful they are! They always make me smile too.

  3. cathy@home
    Rebecca @ In The Garden
    Comeca Jones

    They are beautiful in their own way. The buds follow sun closely east and west, but once the buds open up to show their beautiful bright yellow, they are set towards East, and stay in that position. Understanding their habits make them even more beautiful....

  4. Congrats to you...
    this specie was too gigantic for my potager last season...

  5. I want those giant sunflowers in my garden too Bangchik, so I better start sowing those seeds given by Diana soon!

  6. Wow congratulations for bringing out the best for that species. Diana would have been happy her kindness bear fruits. In my case i am very sorry for Skeeter as the birdhouse gourd she generously sent did not reach even reproductive stage.

  7. ~Lrong
    I can imagine the size in your potager... towering over the rest.

    Dont be misled by the size of giant sunflower seedlings, because they all look similar even with the dwarf..... but giant will balloon up after a foot or two. Good luck.

    It would be safe to grow many, anticipating some that cannot make the distance....

  8. We have have some 8 ft tall sunflowers that came from our birdseed. So far three of 6 are blooming, thanks to the birds for planting them. These photos are lovely.

  9. ~Randy Emmitt
    You are lucky to have birds as helpers. Over here birds help in spreading weeds! Today I saw one tiny senduduk, that must come from birds too....

  10. Thanks for stopping by A Diva's Garden. I planted several sunflowers. They should reach 8 - 10 feet. They haven't germinated yet, I'm hoping the birds didn't eat the seeds.

  11. How wonderful to see them blooming in East Coast. This will convince my parent in laws to grow them. Thanks Bangchik.

  12. ~rmgales
    I love taking photographs at eye level, at 8 ft is high, huh.., at 10 ft it's truly giant!

    ~Malay-Kadazan girl
    Probably they want you to come home once in a while..., sow the seeds and let them enjoy the rest!

  13. Wandernut
    Thanks.... reserve a spot for sunflowers. So when they flower, they will greet you with their beautiful smile as you get home after work.

  14. Those giant sunflowers look so lovely. Do you still have some of those seeds for sale? I'm thinking of planting one in a big container. - Beginner gardener from Selangor


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