Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The freedom - plants, vegetables, merdeka and all.

how would we define freedom?

The condition of being free of restraints
Exemption from an unpleasant or onerous condition
Ease or facility of movement
Frankness or boldness; lack of modesty or reserve
A right or the power to engage in certain actions without control or interference.
I just want to see a glimpse of freedom within vegetable gardening, where man interact with the classical parameters of life; earth, water, fire and wind and the little players of ecosystem, plants, insects and pests. Here, a summary of plants, flowers and veggies over the many months.

kale, the right to live

slow and steady win the race

gourds , 
the ripe one and being old is beautiful

with pagoda like flowers, going high with drive

chili being brave,
reminding Sun, that being hot is not only about burnt skin, 
but burnt tongue as well. Its the zest and spirit

Okra and winged bean
to support and help one another

the community
to live in harmony

and the crown of seeds is so high up,
the future generations

    Malaysia is celebrating its Independence Day on 31st August every year. We chant "merdeka, merdeka and merdeka" three times, reminding oneself about being free, being free and being free again and again.

    bangchik on Malaysian Independence Day


    1. Merdeka is ringing out in your garden Bangchik. Happy Independence Day! This is a wonderful post to celebrate your freedom. Merdeka and Peace. ;>)

    2. This is a great way to celebrate Independance Day. I hope you had a relaxing day in the garden enjoying the fruits of your labour.

    3. Happy Independence day!
      Your garden plants are cheering up the atmosphere!

    4. Thank you for including us all in your celebration. In our tiny garden universes we experience a special freedom. Congratulations to you and your people today!

    5. Happy belated Malaysia day. Did you go to the Padang for a parade?

      The man was there for at least two hours. That was how long I was walking round and round the park looking for John Edgar's sculpture. Each time, i passed him, he was still there.

      He had a bandanna on, making him very obvious.

      Usually, you get children climbing up there for a while, but a grown man, very unusual.

    6. Happy Merdeka! Your wishes are also mine:) Let us all prosper together , looking to the future as Malaysians.

    7. Happy Independence Day! I love the way your photos illustrated the different aspects of freedom.

    8. Carol>> Thanks.., shouting merdeka since 1957.

      leavesnbloom..., there is freedom going on in even a little garden.

      One..., thanks, stretching imagination as far as we can, while holding on to sanity.

      Malar..., merdeka to you too. whats your resolutions?

      Sarah.... yes, being free within a boundary of freedom.

      cheers, bangchik

    9. Ann>>.., there must something that keeps that man with bandanna up there. Is he a sculptor once?

      Keat.... the key point is the future generation... are we preparing them well for a different environment we used to have.

      JGH>>>.. there are glimpses of freedom where ever we look at, but freedom itself exist with boundary!

      Cheers, Merdeka! ~bangchik


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