Sunday, September 26, 2010

The story of a vegetable bed.

 First lets see what was there before. It was the very site of our first papaya, which has grown so tall almost to the roof of our double storey semi detached bungalow. We had enjoyed a lot of sweet red slices of papaya over many months. At the end the plant  had died due to termite attacks.

papaya was the first plant to grow
I quickly filled up the void with sunflowers which grew into little forest. That too has gone with their bright yellow flowers.
then replaced by sunflowers

When we first transplanted the three seedlings of clitoria ternatea, sunflowers were still around, still flowering. Now the whole bed is for clitoria. 

Clitoria ternatea, the latest.
clitoria already at the top of trellis
The three seedlings are at different stages:
One, the most vigorous plant has completed its winding to the top of trellis. The shoot would probably be wondering why it has to go horizontal now.

The second clitoria has different story. It was not as energetic as the first one, trailing behind. It has completed two rounds of winding around the slanting bamboo stake before a strong gusts of wind loosened the grip and the whole tiny stem was dangling, dancing in the air with nothing to grab. I offered assistance by tying it back to the stake. Now the plant is making a new winding process. If we look closely we can see the missing loop due to wind.

The third one was a late comer, It germinated weeks after the first two. In fact I was about to give up and empty the tiny pot that I notice a tiny shoot appearing. With me now is three clitoria ternatea at 3 different stage of growth even though, there were sown at the same time and seeds coming from the same place. I am expecting a pretty blue flower anytime now.



  1. The changes make the vegetable bed interesting. It will be exciting to see what appears next.

  2. Hi Bangchik, yes this lack of uniformity in nature is very interesting...

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