Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oxalis Triangularis: stems, foliage and flowers

 Oxalis Triangularis, 
in a container at the porch with just a few hours of late afternoon sunlight.

oxalis triangularis, about to open.

Oxalis Triangularis, young buds
 Oxalis Triangularis, soft and watery stem

foliage with delicate colour, Oxalis Triangularis 

flowers , Oxalis Triangularis 

a bunch of flowers, Oxalis Triangularis 

a single flower, Oxalis Triangularis

close-up of the flower, Oxalis Triangularis

 Oxalis Triangularis
in a container out in the open experiencing about six hours sunlight exposure 
 leaves silhouette

 leaves silhouette
light purplish red leaves
light purplish red leaves

Oxalis Triangularis
or purple shamrock, lucky shamrock and for the locals the names range from pokok kupu-kupu to pokok rama-rama. We have them in two pots. I don't think they ever stop flowering...



  1. Lovely foliage. Oxalis family which has green foliage and yellow flower loves the cool weather here. They grow everywhere like a carpet full of yellow flowers.

  2. So lovely to look at... but in my garden, they are a weed, that if left unchecked, will completely take over. I think their little seeds actually shoot out through the air several feet away.

  3. I've never seen a Oxalis before, the leaves looks like it have been cut in half!

  4. This is very lovely plant with unique name!! I never seen them before! They are grown from seeds?

  5. Beautfiul flowers and foliage of the oxalis!

  6. Malay-Kadazan girl
    Thanks, it should be real sight in your place.

    Weeds in your place, ornamental over here. The seeds must be very tiny. I thought they propagate through roots and bulbs.

    Their leaves look like butterfly.

    I don't know if they have seeds. We just split the base into quadrants and transplant...

    Yes, beautiful but a little bit "manja", with soft stems.

    ~bangchik and kakdah

  7. Do you know where I can buy the plant in KL?


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