Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lady's finger still flashing

This is about our lady's finger or okra or bendi, that has grown to a height we never had before. It doesn't seem to stop growing after reaching 7 feet. Flowers and fruits are still alright. There is no sign of pests attack. This is the okra that has been helped by winged beans to stand upright, every inch resembling a portion of the three sisters concept. 

Noon is not the best time to take photographs because the intensity of sunlight can be  very blinding and affects the darker tone. I practically go round the plant and shoot from all angles. So here are the pictures.



  1. For how long will you keep the bendi plants? Mine are still growing but after fruiting for the 3rd time the bendi came out hard and not edible although i've already harvested em' as early as i could. Wonder where went wrong here?


  2. 7 feet! That's awesome! Mine only got about 3-4' tall. The flowers are so pretty. I thought they'd open up more...

  3. Oh, fabulous! I love that we are both growing okra at the same time! We call them bamya. I would love to hear about how Kakdah prepares them. I roast them with tomatoes and onions and beef. I believe I use allspice and garlic to season.

    I wonder how large mine will get. My daughter likes to play under the plants because they are so tall and shady.

  4. oh so rewarding! Your okra pleasing you with flower. I hope the rainy weather did not do any damange to your vege plots. It did for some of my plants ;-(

    Nonetheless, enjoy the weekend!

  5. Your babies are lovely and are a cure for hepatitis.

  6. The rainy weather is crushing my passion flowers. Hope the rain doesn't crush your plants. Never knew okra can grow so tall!!

  7. Your orka looks extremely strong and healthy. My seeds are still in the packet. :)

  8. Milka ~ I don't record stages of growth for these lady's finger. Looking at earlier posts, back in July the height was just a foot. You grow bendi in pots?

    JGH ~ we can expect the tall plant to topple anytime at that height. 5 feet is about the steady height.

    Carol ~ We had lovely "ikan tenggiri" hot curry. Okra add to the flavour!

    Steph ~ Rainy season can cause soil to soften. Plants like okra can easily get toppled.

    Rainnie ~ curing hepatitis yea?.. that's great!

    Aaron ~ Tomato plants in vegetable bed are drooping due to heavy rains.

    One ~ by the time mine is over, yours can take over... haha.


  9. Okra must be related to hibiscus do you think? They looked like the roselles I just grew in my greenhouse?

  10. Matron ~ I think they come from the same family. Roselle and Okra must be close cousins, judging by their physical appearance: the stalks, leaves,flowers and fruits. Hibiscus should be their distant relatives.

  11. Bangchik, thank you for the ikan tenggiri curry suggestion. We love curries and I can't wait to surprise my husband with this one!

  12. Carol@
    But I warn you about it being hot, didn't I? Be careful...

  13. my one is about 6.30 feet tall and it is going on...


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