Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rosiah's garden featuring staghorn fern

is a genus of about 18 fern species in the polypod family, Polypodiaceae. Ferns in this genus are widely known as pakis tanduk rusa (in our language), staghorn or deer horn or elkhorn ferns due to their uniquely-shaped fronds. This genus is epiphytic and is native to tropical and temperate areas of  South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Guinea.

the fern lives on a Payung Indonesia tree

the top part of tanduk rusa or staghorn fern

the middle part

the bottom part

This fern must be the focal point of the whole garden. Rosiah, my younger sister grows this fern on Payung Indonesia tree or Hura CrepitansThe majestic fern is  known as "Pokok Tanduk Rusa" or staghorn horn or deer horn, in the family of Platycerium. It is so big for a fern, that it  acts as a screen and adds privacy to the garden. From top to bottom, my rough estimate is around 8 feet.  The bottom part which behaves like tails, sways beautifully with the wind. The middle part resembles a cabbage. The top part displays the stag horn or deer horn. Even though the fern depends on rainwater to survive in the wild, Rosiah spray water regularly to keep it healthy

She has other interesting plants too, which I thought worth sharing a few here.

clitoria ternatea
A single plant about 4 feet high winding its way around tembusu branch as stake. The plant is already flowering. The colour is so beautiful, such deep blue diluting itself into white at the base. Three of my own plants are doing fine right now in Putrajaya.

misai kucing
I like this flower, because the petals are so thin, that we can almost see through them.



  1. You had me a little confused for a moment there because as I type it is still Saturday 18th here.. anyway I love those stagshorn tree ferns. I have seen them in botanical gardens here, they grow them in hanging baskets and bring them inside for the Winter then hang them up against a tree in Summer! Lovely to see yours reach their proper size.


  2. Magnificent Staghorn and wow to the delicate flower in your last photo... I had to click on it ... beautiful! ;>)

  3. Thank you for taking us to your sister's garden to see her fabulous plants. The staghorn is amazing, and the blue flower so delicate. Pam

  4. This stagforn fern is huge and green. Rosiah has taken very good care of the plant. Her plant is better looking than many I see at the public gardens. I am sure the fern and the tree together makes a loving couple, haha ;-)

    The butterfly pea looks like a double petaled variety. If you have the double petal seeds, can you please give me some?

  5. I would love to have a staghorn fern in my garden, sadly it is too cool here for them.

  6. Hi Bangchik, the blue of the clitoria is superb...

  7. wow, that last photo contains a flower? It looks like the transparent wings of a dragonfly. I do love the foliage of a staghorn fern.

  8. Love that picture of the bunga telang! I remembered my ex neighbour in my childhood kampung used the flowers to make the nonya kuehs. Nowadays I just used the bottled coloring, because it's just too difficult to find these in someone's garden.

  9. So lovely to see the staghorn fern growing in it's natural habitat. I saw a small one in a pot at a garden centre recently and was very intrigued by it. Beautiful plant. :)

  10. Love the staghorn fern. I really want to grow it, but my father find them ugly.

  11. Wow Bangchik, you brightened by day with these pictures and stories. Thank you! I especially like how you capture the delicate nature of plants. Love that tiny vine!

  12. Thanks everyone for the visits and lovely comments. Staghorn fern will grow really big and long in the forest. Rosiah had provided the right space and environment to let the fern grow as it is meant to be. That fern will thrive when shade is just enough to protect from scorching sun and enough sunlight bathing it for photosynthesis.

    On the specific question by Autumn Belle, I don't know if that's double petal clitoria. I dont have seeds right now. In a week or so, the three clitoria ternatea in my garden will bloom. If they are double petaled then I will save seeds for you.


  13. Hi girl, I LOVE the staghorn fern's photo. I started mine now, but still not sure how to grow it. It is still in a pot in my house, should I take it out of the pot??? Can you please give me some tips?


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