Sunday, January 29, 2012

daun sireh or betel leaf

Sireh or betel ( Piper betle)  is primarily a climber which requires a pole or a tree.  Kakdah however includes sireh among her hanging plants. So instead of climbing up, sireh or betel is hanging down. Yea, it is not the way sireh should grow, but it is alright, sireh isn't complaining.....

Chewing betel is a habit among the older generations, grandmother era. Not many do that now. However sireh /betel manage to get the limelight during Malay engagement and wedding ceremony. So sireh is a plant well sought after for such ceremony....

{It goes by many names:   The betel leaf is known as Paan in Assamese /Urdu /Hindi /Oriya /Bengali, and Tambula and Nagavalli in Sanskrit. Some of the names in the regions in which it is consumed are: Vetrilai (Tamil),  Tamalapaku (Telugu), Vidyache pan (Marathi), veeleyada yele  (Kannada), Vettila (Malayalam), Plū (Mon),  Malus (Tetum), Maluu (Khmer), Plū (Thaiพลู),  Bulath (Sinhalese), Malu (Tokodede),  Bileiy (Divehi), bulung samat (Kapampangan),  daun sireh (Malay), daun sireh/suruh (Bahasa Indonesia),  Papulu (Chamorro),  Ikmo (Philippines), Pu (ພູ) in Lao, and Trầu (Vietnamese). }  .. wikipedia  

sireh emas

sireh emas

sireh emas

sireh emas

The variety is sireh emas
A gift from Fauzi and Noor. So that will definitely rekindle memories 
of our short stay in Tanah Merah Kelantan.

bangchik and kakdah
Pasir Gudang


  1. It is so pretty, lovely color too.

    I am growing one in my Terrace garden

  2. I've never seen sireh emas, cantik juga hanging down macam tu. Di rumah kami kat M'sia dulu, pokok sireh memanjat dinding pagar batu, memang sihat pokoknya :D

  3. I believe I first read of the chewing of betel leaves in the National Geographic (years and years ago). The hanging vines are very attractive...and if happy why not! How lovely to have fond memories of those who gave you the betel plant!

  4. Vetrimagal
    - yes, this variety is not green, a bit yellowish with red stem.

    i amsterdam
    - belum cuba lagi bagi sireh memanjat dinding...

    - surprising, plant giveaway is a medium for lasting friendship.

  5. kunjungan pertamaku untuk blog ini, sungguh artikel yang ada disini memiliki kualitas content yang bermanfat bagi saya, tak heran bila blog pertanian banyak pengunjungnya? salam sukses :)


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