Wednesday, January 25, 2012

roselle after two months here.

Any new vegetable gardener should include roselle in the list of plants, simply because of it's zest to keep growing. While other plants could be struggling, roselle will just keep growing, displaying deep green leaves and dark red stems and branches.

The row of roselle is so dense now, becoming really bushy. It keeps me wondering if I am guilty of putting them too close or the plants simply love the environment here and keep growing. Kakdah finds it difficult to get to the fruits in the bush. She had taken a few, to add taste to one of her menu.

The other day a friend asked for a roselle seedling. Luckily I have one extra from previous planting, in polybag. It is good to see people trying to grow plants. I had just finished germinating 10 new  roselle, so within a month the new roselle seedlings will need a plot to grow.

Row of roselle:  pink flowers are quite visible

row of roselle

roselle, dark red stem

kangkung, basil and roselle far back.

roselle, the side

roselle: some insects love the leaves

roselle, the shoots


bangchik and kakdah,

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  1. ROSELLE after a month here


  1. I envy you living in a tropically warm temperature. That's why your roselles are growing well!

    Bugs seem to love your plants and how could you ward them off?

  2. I need to put my Roselle seedlings outside but I dont know if it is too cold.

  3. It's always so nice to find a plant that loves to grow in our gardens!

  4. gemuknya... ye la kot... tanah diselatan lebih subur...

  5. You are the best promoter for Roselle. Love the red stems.

  6. I need to grow hardy plants. Will certainly look into it. Thanks.

  7. The roselle is growing wonderfully...very happy in new garden! I need to find out if roselle will grow in west central Florida...would have to be watered by hand...and grow in a pot (on my patio)!

  8. Roselle are pretty. I love your kangkung too. I tried to grow it but no luck.

  9. I noticed how healthy those roselles are and I enjoyed looking at your spacious garden!

  10. Your Roselles are really healthy!
    another 10 roselles seeding? You can open a roselle juice stall! yummy drinks! ;)

  11. You have a truly refreshing blog! I have been trying to get roselle seedlings around my area but failed. Do you know where I could get the seeds of this plant by post?

  12. takaeko
    ~ roselle are happy with tropical climate, just like apple and strawberry in yours. I dont see bugs during daytime. The other day I tried checking who bite roselle leaves, and found metallic green beetles....

    ~ it should be best when weather gets warmer.

    ~ So far roselle is the winner. The rate of growth and with leaves so green, huh..., that sure is something!

  13. ejaMaria
    ~ Mungkin tanah lebih subur, tapi yang utama sekali cuaca disini lain macam. Petang disini tak panas mana, ada angin sepoi2.... Kalau diTanah Merah dulu, dalam pukul 6.00 ptg, teriknya masih membakar!

    Janet, The Queen of Seaford
    ~ Ya, I have been promoting roselle.. aha. Hardy plant like roselle deserve a place in gardener's list of plants.

    Keats The Sunshine Girl
    ~ having one or two plants like roselle will not congest anybody's garden. At least something new to talk to visitors... aha.

  14. I've never had roselle fruits - what do they taste like? Beautiful plant!

  15. Your roselle plants look healthy and beautiful as always, Bangchik ^_^ Glad to see you and Kakdah doing well. ^_^ Btw, a friend told me recently that roselle's leaves can be eaten too^_^

  16. Theanne
    ~ roselle will be alright in pots, size will a little smaller though.

    ~ roselle and kangkung should be easy to grow. To start with, seeds must be good.

    ~ I do need the extra space, to enjoy the sense of vastness. vegetable beds will be limited to 10, no more.

  17. Malar
    ~ I will keep on germinating roselle seeds, to make sure the supply of juice is non stop.

    ~ I have a few spare roselle seeds. Please leave your address at the email

    ~ the taste is sweet sour, like plums......

    ~ yes I heard that too. Shoots can used as veggie. But Kakdah hasn't tried yet.

  18. As salam bang chik n kak dah. Can u send me some of the seed? I'm gonna start gardening after a year of break. I'll leave my adress to your mail. Thanks

  19. Hi< good day, When we were staying in Kuala Pilah in Seremban back in 1979-1980, we used to drinks this roselle drink that taste like ribena which mum use to boil for us and it was so delicious and cheap. I can't seem to find those roselle flowers or trees in Klang now, as I want my children to taste this delicious drink too. Do you sell the seeds? Appreciate your reply. Thank you. Vera

    1. Vera...... I am more than glad to send you some roselle seeds. Just leave your address at this email:

  20. Hi.good day. I love yr Roselle garden. I bought some Roselle fruits fm Organic shop. Can I use the serfdom plant too. I shall like to plant it. Can u show how? Thank you.

    1. Info and posts about roselle are quite extensive in this little blog of mine. You may get some ideas how to go about planting it. What specifically do you want to know?

  21. thank u so much i have received your seeds in Pakistan which u sent in response to a request from thank u again. i hope these 10 seeds grow really well. JAZAKALLAH. GOD BLESS YOU


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