Thursday, January 19, 2012


We had grown two different type of basil before. One with whitish flowers and the other slightly purplish. There is a new type of basil in the garden now, very dense bonsai-like basil. It is not flowering yet.

Bonsai-like basil

The other basil: with purplish flowers

The other basil: not as dense
I asked Kakdah about the differences in smell and taste. She said just a slight difference...., with a hint of lemon grass in one and not the other. Yea, smell and taste are two aesthetic elements of life , so difficult to describe.... and yet we know the differences, the level, the intensity, the aroma.

bangchik and kakdah
Pasir Gudang, Johor


  1. Subtleties, nuances, complexities. Each one playing against or for the other. It really is amazing. Is it within the plant or our developed ability to distinguish them. :) I am fearful of a time where we have removed so much diversity that all we are left with is the pest ridden bland tomato.

  2. Lovely! The Bonsai Basil is very charming.

  3. The Stay @ Home-Gardener
    ~ there is a need for some sort of diversity even within a small vegetable garden.

    ~ it's so charming that kakdah need to put extra care in taking those few leaves..... so that it's exquisite round shape remains..

  4. I agree, even the slightest scent of any plant or a flower can change our mood in an instant...Very nice Basil Bonsai!

  5. hardinars
    ~ yea, mood is such a delicate thing. Easily swayed by turn of events, praises and encouragements. Scent too has a role.


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