Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vegetable Garden maturing

It's slightly over two months since we arrived here, Pasir Gudang Johor. Weather is getting slightly drier, no more daily shower around 5pm. The other day, cloud swelled heavy, indicating it's readiness to rain, then some how wind carried the whole heavy cloud away.... surprising.  Neighbours Syed, Sanusi and Sahul mentioned about Jan and Feb being very windy, pointing out  that Pasir Gudang International Kite Fest will always be held in February.  This year, it is 15th to 19th February.

Our Vegetable Garden is really maturing now. A few weeks ago, roselle and lady's finger bent almost flat to the ground, as wind blew hard. But the next morning they sprang up like nothing happened.  Wonderful to know how plants endure wind, sun and rain again and again. They are designed to survive. Judging by the number of seeds most plants produce, they really are programmed to last to the end of time.

vegetable bed, okra, ulam raja and keladi
vegetable bed viewed from top left

sweet corns and pineapples



okra / lady's fingers / bendi

Lady's finger flowering
Bayam has been harvested many many times, more for the neighbours than our own kitchen.  Lady's fingers were attacked by black ants a week ago, and of course I fought back. Now lady's fingers are growing happily and first harvest will happen tomorrow. Two months had passed, vegetables are maturing, harvest is daily chore for kakdah...... and our neighbourhood is blessed with fruits of labour..... gardening.

bangchik and kakdah
Pasir Gudang


  1. Lovely sight. Having space to grow vegetables on the ground, is such and advantage.

    The Bayam and the Okhra look so good!

  2. Your vegetable garden is a sight for sore eyes! Yes,plants spring up again after a storm as tough nothing happened!

  3. How I'd loved to grow vegetables like that. Too bad I have limited space. Hope they continue to flourish!

  4. You are a gardening inspiration Bangchik! Your beds are beautiful, as I knew they would be when you moved!

  5. gardenerat60
    - big space, a portion for vegetable gardening, a small portion for Kakdah ornamental plants and lawn for us to relax and get sunburn!

    - yea, we may get ankle sprain and limp for days, but plants heal itself overnight.....

  6. AaronVFT
    - It is quite a fun to go about vegetable gardening. Space and quantity is secondary. As you venture deep into veg growing, it will sharpen ur skills in scheduling, planning, creating goals and achieving them. It also helps you in handling joy and frustrations. When veg gardening becomes a magnet for the community that is the climax.

    - thanks..., vegetables can handling self-seeding on their own. With us around, looking after them, they will thrive better.

  7. Your plots of veges are looking marvellous! Good head start for the brand New Year. Very soon, the harvest is going to be plentiful Bangchik, Kakdah :-D

  8. Stephanie
    ~ So far so good. Real windy season isn't here yet.... when it comes, I dont know how would plants cope.

  9. Tahniah,
    nampak pokok lebih subur di tempat baru.

  10. razali....

    Tempat baru ni, cuacanya sedikit berbeza, sentiasa berangin dan selepas jam 5ptg, panas terik tengahari makin surut, dan dalam 6.30 pula jadi sejuk berangin. Agaknya pokok2 suka cuaca macam tu. Kita pun suka, dan budak2 pun selesa main waktu petang. Ni baru 3 bulan..., kedepan belum tau!

  11. How did you attack the black ants on the okra? I have that same problem, then the bottom leaves turn yellow and fall off.


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