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Monday, January 23, 2012

Growing cabbages in Johor

The four cabbages are Ok..., leaves getting bigger. I did regularly posts on cabbages following their phases and stages in Putrajaya. We had grown them in Tanah Merah and now Pasir Gudang Johor.

two month old cabbages

 Kadir, Syed and Sharifah's son is the one that will water our plants including cabbages whenever we had to be away. I had not personally said thank you to him yet..., and I guess it's like mutuality of understandings, words don't matter much. His boyish smile will warm anybody's heart... yea, that is Kadir, the young part-time gardener whenever we had to be away....

bangchik and kakdah
Pasir Gudang JOHOR


  1. Lovely looking cabbage not one slug anywhere.

  2. Cathy.
    - so far no slugs. But kakdah is always on the look out for any sign.

  3. They look really really good. You are lucky to have a good gardener look out for them when you are away. I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and Happy Gardening this year!

  4. Hi

    Fantastic looking cabbage.
    And a gardner that are taking care of your plants when you are away thats very good.

    Here we have alot of snow so I can´t do any gardening.


  5. The little cabbages look very healthy and robust. It is good you have a trustworthy helper!

  6. I wish i can grow cabbages that healthy, it is my first plant grown in college. And it was so pampered and got a lot of my attention because we were graded for the data we got from it. I think i got a 1.8kg head, the heavest of 10 heads.

  7. Bangchik and Kakdah,
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    I liked your veges, cabage is lovely!

  8. tina
    ~ Happy new year. He will only do watering... but that's enough.

    ~ Winter is a rest for you. Like us monsoon time is too wet for anything else except those rice growers.

    ~ cabbages look strong for now. I am waiting for cabbage head to form.

    ~ nice to know how people do things when they are forced to. Meeting expectations is the way to excel.

    ~ thanks for returning the visit. Only four cabbages, i don't know if it's worth waiting for six long months....

  9. Wonderful veggies, as usual. Certainly a hard working gardener.

  10. Keats The Sunshine Girl
    ~ truly, my time for gardening is somewhat limited. Sleep + work will take the bigger chunk of 24hr day. By the way plants don't really our time, as long as they have water, sunlight and nutrients....

  11. Cabbages look so good!
    You have a good little helper!

  12. Malar
    ~ I have been very lucky with cabbages... in putrajaya, tanah merah and now pasir gudang.


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