Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Another Gardening Adventure

First day of the year had passed. The weather changed from rainy to sunny.  While taking extra precaution to ensure plants had enough water, I forgot about myself. I was down for days with flu. Kakdah who was not affected , then assumed the responsibility to water plants twice a day.

Now there is a little bit change around the house. The large raintree has to go. The massive trunk and roots had pushed the roadside drain, displaced the alignment, leaving the drain broken and failed in its function . The roots had travelled too far, that some had knocked down pathways. After consultation with the neighbours, it was decided to knock two large trees down.

Most plants are flowering sweetly, with leaves so green. I was discussing the other day with friends, why plants in Johor grow so healthy. In fact most landscape contractors in Malaysia get their plants supplies from Johor. There are so many large nurseries in Johor starting from Muar to where I am staying now Pasir Gudang. It is all about weather here being kinder. It is never too hot. Evenings are breezy and cool. There is always clouds to soften burning afternoons.

flowers so sweet

the large raintree that has to go down

flowers white and yellow

leaves of raintree

the broken drain had to be repaired

it is hot.., but they keep on working

men and drain

the new irrigation system
Izmar and friends

the tubes for irrigation system

200 gal water tank ready.

We will have new irrigation system ready soon. Water tank and tubes are here already. Izmar from Kuantan came with the whole family to have a look at the site. He will come back within two weeks to help us out with the new irrigation system, as days get hotter and weather gets drier.

Happy New Year.

bangchik and kakdah
Pasir Gudang Johor


  1. Things appear to be progressing quite well, trees, drain, irrigation being taken care of in a timely manner! Regret that you've had the flu, happy that Kakdah didn't so she could take care of you!

  2. Happy New Year!

    I never knew about the nurseries in Johor. Should I try plant chasing there? Do you think it will be easy to obtain phytosanitary certificates? Will there be a problem bringing plants in to Singapore, would you know?

  3. Happy New Year Bangchik, but sorry about the flu! How i wish our water system in our province is just like there in Malaysia, doing fertigation there is not yet possible, most especially without a knowledgeable engineer like you. How i wish we have one!

  4. I came to know that plants are cheaper in Johor compared to Sg.Buloh.

    Its true that the weather is hotter these few weeks. Most of my plants suddenly got burned as I had missed watering once in the morning - but they had eventually recovered as I watered them few times throughout the night to revive them.

    Have a wonderful New Year ahead.

  5. Your gardne and plans seems to be going smoothly!
    Very interesting new year plan!

  6. Happy New Year. I think the flu bug has travelled to Canada since we have it as well.

    Good luck with the irrigation system.

  7. Theanne
    - Flu is over. Flu is always a week for me...... no less so far. Somehow kakdah is not affected at all.

    Plant Chaser
    - Driving from JB towards KL, take Pagoh exit. As you proceed towards Muar, you can see many nurseries. Import/export is not something I am very familiar with....

    - fertigation isn't too difficult to design and do..... Engage me if you like, airfare and everything, I may fly to Filipina to help... aha.

  8. James Missier
    - most landscape contractors that I know get their plant/tree supplies from Johor. To do small jobs, coming down to Johor may not be economical.

    - I am almost done with vegetable gardening, 6 long rows, two square beds and another two sections dedicated to Kakdah's flowers/ornamental concept. Intensive modern 2000 chili growing will come soon.... the ball has rolled.

    - thanks. yes, flu bug is everywhere, waiting for the right weather change to spring into action!

  9. hahaha, Bangchik, how i wish i can afford your services, but i can't. A few years back the Israel technology on drip irrigation was brought here, tried by big and rich farms but i think it also failed. Nothing is mentioned now about drip irrigation here.

  10. I realise that technology behind gardening is very much left to the farmers and gardeners. Interface between farmers and technologists not too strong... I wonder why. I notice it here.


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