Monday, June 25, 2012

The Long shadows

Sun is communicating in symbolic way, presenting long shadows early in the morning. It's the best time to be in the garden, looking at flowers and plants. The picture is showing the left side of the garden viewed from the front porch. There is kantan, the new bed for roselle and at the far end kangkong and ulam raja.  Morning is so fresh, plants seem to place more green pigments on their leaves, posing for a green picturesque morning.....

long shadows early in the morning

Garden Shadows
by Bliss Carman

When the dawn winds whisper
To the standing corn,
And the rose of morning
From the dark is born,
All my shadowy garden
Seems to grow aware
Of a fragrant presence,
Half expected there.

In the golden shimmer
Of the burning noon,
When the birds are silent
And the poppies swoon,
Once more I behold her
Smile and turn her face,
With its infinite regard,
Its immortal grace.

When the twilight silvers
Every nodding flower,
And the new moon hallows
The first evening hour,
Is it not her footfall
Down the garden walks,
Where the drowsy blossoms
Slumber on their stalks?

In the starry quiet,
When the soul is free,
And a vernal message
Stirs the lilac tree,
Surely I have felt her
Pass and brush my cheek,
With the eloquence of love
That does not need to speak!

It's a must for me to turn a while as I get out through the front door, 
because the view is pleasing.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. a beautiful early morning view and a beautiful poem...thank you for sharing both!

    1. Thanks Theanne.... the way birds sing happily , buds getting ready to bloom, we know mornings are cherished by all.

  2. Replies
    1. Maloti Sarkar..... thanks, had visited your blog. Good Effort!

  3. Such a beautiful poem! I like the morning view too! SO refreshing! ;)

    1. Malar.... yes refreshing indeed. If we look closely, plants look somewhat greener in the morning and flowers so bright and colourful.

  4. Very nice! Lovely poem. We also love mornings and evenings in our garden. Love your trees.

    1. Kim and Victoria....... the large trees at the far back are "raintrees" which can grow so large that it can easily cover a football field. The dark green tree is in fact mango tree.

  5. Such a beautiful garden! And the words of the poem are lovely! Thank you for stopping by!:)

    1. kanak7..... thanks, view on that angle is a bit spacious and peaceful.


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