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Friday, June 8, 2012

being away from home.

The right to live, the right for voices to be heard, and finally the right to vote in democratic countries. Plants Kingdom operates on a similar system, every single plant or grass has the right to grow. And grow they did, to a point some will suffocate and overrun  the others. Over time plants make adjustments to live happily, when bigger plant grow taller and stronger giving shade to weeds on the ground. What looks like a decent offer from bigger plants in the form of shade and cooler surroundings, is in fact very detrimental to weeds. Then weeds has less chance to grow in shady area, but make no mistake, they are always ready to surge and grow once the shade is gone. 

Chili plants are not dense, therefore no real shade on the ground. Weeds and chili plants fight for space in their plant kingdom. But a gardener like me, set out to grow vegetables such as chili, but definitely not weeds / grass.   I jumped in to intervene and pulled out weeds. The weather was a little bit hot and dry.

 ............    b e f o r e    t h e    w e e k e n d     ............
2nd and 3rd of June 2012

weeds suffocating rows of chili
 I am guilty for being away too often, 
neglecting our little vegetable garden.

weeding had just started
 I need the whole weekend 
to clear up the weeds

heap of grass and plants.

............       a f t e r        t h e       w e e k e n d      ............
pictures taken on Wednesday 6th June 2012 at noon.
after a  good workout over the weekend.




The pathway is for Kakdah to get to the cloth lines,
one on the right and another on the left. The clothlines are more than enough for the two of us, so the left cloth lines are dedicated to markisa / passionfruits vines.

At the far end, there are 2000 polybags of chili also planted over the weekend.
I will write about the project soon.  Pictures are displayed here to show
how much can be done over the weekend
to clear up the weeds,
a good scrub,
a haircut,
a facelift.

We keep pulling out weeds, but weeds keep coming back. 
It's a reminder that we are here to co exist 
and learn to adapt.

........... b a n g c h i k      a n d      k a k d a h ..........
j o h o r


  1. Wow! Is that huge area all yours? And 2000 chiliplants... I have 5 this year "lol".
    Pulling weeds seems to be a never ending story but I think we need that time weeding to clear our mindes / gittan

    1. My area is up to where the vegetable beds are. The 2000 chili plants plot is not exactly mine, in fact a team is working on it. Weeding is good in understanding more about soil, garden and plants.

  2. I have to pull them everyday even in my small garden! And hey don't be surprised by the big heap of weed you gathered later. All for the plant kingdom sake... happy weeding and have a great weekend :-D

    1. the big heap is always there, old ones taken away for ground cover /mulch for the young plants. Great weekend to you too. Both of us will be away again.....

  3. besarnya kawasan bertanam tuan... cemburu saya.. :P

    1. Lagi besar kawasan lagi penat menjaga, kecuali kalau kita peluk tubuh je dan upah orang membuatnya.... Seronok lagi kawasan yang sederhana luas, kita mampu jaga semua, tahu setiap penjuru, tahu semua tanaman....

  4. Makin besar kebun Bangchik dan Kakdah setiap kali pindah. I am very impress.

    1. Kebetulan begitu........ Kebun diTanah Merah lebih besar dari Putrajaya, pasir Gudang pulak terlalu besar! Size doesn't matter much......

  5. Wow, you have so much gardening space now, Bangchik! One can even roll on the ground and camp there.

  6. belle... yeap, a camping site indeed. haha. I dunno how long i will camp here......

  7. Cantik...tersusun rapi...perasaan yang damai bila tengok ni...

    1. UmmiRosma...... rekabentuk kebun dan sekitarnya adalah dengan konsep lurus dan bersegi. Ada satu kawasan nanti akan diselitkan konsep bulat jangka siap sepenuhnya hujung tahun, ada pokok durian belanda, dan pokok bunga sekitarnya. Sekarang tanam dengan ulamraja dulu untuk pulihkan tanah.

  8. Wow thats gardening on a big scale !!! 2,000 Chilli plants. Now you are making me hungry lol.

    1. Gardening Services Auckland......., that 2000 chili plants project is a business venture. Plants nearer to the house planted in vegetable beds are ours, for our own consumption.


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