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Monday, June 18, 2012

the next Okra

The old okra / lady's fingers / bendi had gone. The new okras were germinated from old okra seeds. They had overstayed in polybags, since the preparation of new vegetable was delayed. Three okras were planted earlier, and now the strongest of them is flowering. Another 5 okras were planted a week later, and now they are a bit stunted due to current hot and dry spell.

three okras  growing steadily

three okras

the first flower of okra

The new vegetable bed is of open type, without hard edgings as the earlier vegetable beds. I wish to have it that way, no edgings, since it offers flexibility in altering shape, arrangements and type of plants to be grown. Somehow the new vegetable blend well with the lawn. For the moment 3 big okras, 5 smaller okras, 24 roselle, a lime tree about 3 feet high now,  and a cluster of periwinkles and zinnia are the inhabitants of our new vegetable bed.  Okra will soon give us steady supply of small long fruits.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. I love to eat okra. I love the flowers, but I cannot touch it or I get blisters, so I have given u on growing it for now. Our season is just long enough to get a good crop, but I will work on eggplant instead. You must miss your previous garden sometimes.

    1. Sara..... sorry to hear you are allergic to Okra. Kakdah will hold the tip of okra, bend it a little bit and cut the stalk. She too is quite allergic to fresh okra.

  2. You have no critter that eat your vegetables? How lucky.

    1. Grasshoppers are regular visitors in our garden, but their bellies are fairly small, so they munch just a bit. No harm.


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