Thursday, March 26, 2009

Community garden in Putrajaya Malaysia

Community gardening is relatively new in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It was sometime last year when the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi gave it a boost with Program Bumi Hijau (Green Earth Program). That was the time when food crisis was picking momentum and worried leaders worldwide.

I display photographs here about such community gardening in Presint 9, Putrajaya. This community gardening is not the same as allotments which is popular in some countries, over here is very much a community project. A group of people plan and grow things and they divide tasks among themselves and i suppose they share the produce as well ....

These photopraphs were taken yesterday on my way back from Shah Alam. Nobody on the plot, but rows of beautiful and healthy veggies ... There may be people around, later in the day and at weekends.....

Apartment at the back
If I am not mistaken, the participants come from there.

oil palms.

of veggies

I think..

Sweet potato?
or ubi keledek


the red spinach

Nice colour arrangement

I will post photos with participants in it, if I happen to cross the place over weekends.. Not very far from my house, 10 minute drive going through 2 roundabouts and 4 traffic lights!!


  1. We need more of these all around the country. Neat!

  2. Beautiful garden! Everything is so lush. Looks like they are making the most of the shade cloths. Maybe that's something I should try here, for growing greens in the summer.

  3. That is some community garden!
    We have them here also but never actually saw one...thanks for sharing.
    Just saw that your at 75 sweet.

  4. Thanks Patsi....

    Yes 75 degree and going up... but hazy... Committment is the prerequisite for success of community gardening .... Good support and leadership will help, I think....

  5. Interesting! Can outsiders enter the community garden when no one is around? This is fun! I wish we have one in USJ too.

  6. JC .. so you from USJ...

    The community garden in Presint 9 Putrajaya is not fenced up... I suppose outsiders can get near .. I dont suppose visitors can meddle and disturb whats inside .. The other day I just stand at the side and snap photos... cheers J.C! ~ bangchik

  7. Nice community garden. I have not heard about this before in putrajaya. so it's kind of like, putrajaya's best kept green secret :D
    Will make a visit and take a peek soon.


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