Sunday, March 29, 2009

Knack for herbs...

Do I correctly group these plants as herbs?.... Little plants with certain medicinal properties which can be used as salad or ulam, I find it convenient to call them herbs. So scattered somewhere within our little vegetable garden plot in Putrajaya are, pegaga, kesum, selom , ulam raja, tenggek burung and selasih (basil) .... As for kesum, where I come from, kesum is cendehum ...

its really a crawler!

just 3 days forced to continue living.
Kakdah bought these from Putrajaya Presint 8 Market.
We used some for kerabu salad. We saved some for garden....
6 in pots under the shade of gourds.
6 on the ground at the edge of tomato plants plot.
Selom just need water and water!

planted on the ground.
Kakdah found an easy way out
by planting the whole bunch from polybag bought
at taman pertanian putrajaya expo.
Two Malaysian Ringgit a polybag I think...

They were saying about pinching the would be flowers, to keep the plant bushy. We missed doing that, so there are a lot of flowers and some has turned brown... We opened the dry flowers and collect the seeds for the next adventure into basil germination! ...
Our basil smells a cross between lime and serai ....
The next time Kakdah does her tomyam, she is considering putting basil leaves...

Ulam Raja
(Salad fits only for the King!)
Only 10 of these, small and definitely growing...

Ulam Raja
the bigger one.
The shoots are taken for salad or ulam,
then new shoots will emerge.

Tenggek Burung
Oh these shoots are heaven!! Eaten fresh.

four in a row, a year old and
some has ended up in tomyam soup, rendang ayam etc
in Kakdah's kitchen adventure!...


  1. I love selasih and have 2 pots planted in my garden. Glad to say they are bushy now. I learnt a new tip from your posting on how to make them bushy! Thanks.

  2. >J.C...
    glad you pick tip here .. I wonder what you do with selasih in the kitchen... tomyam?

  3. Dear Bangchik and Kakdah,

    i just come acros to your blog when searching some information on kesum.. its nice to see all the herbs, vege and etc growing in your garden.. anyway, i think the pegaga grown in your garden is not for eating (as usually people planted it for decoration).. the pegaga that people use to eat has different shape of leaves.. its just my opinion, i didnt do any research on that anyway, thanks.. :)


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