Monday, March 30, 2009

Tomato, the fruits are visible.

Now the five plants are fruiting..... I show few snaps here, and I dare not entertain the imagination how big will these little fruits grow into.... I am still saddened by the departure of the sixth plant, a week ago.

I read somewhere about determinate and indeterminate variety.... I am still in the dark about it ... and so is about pinching the suckers ... to what extent?. So vegetable gardening is quite an adventure ..




The sixth tomato plant
was pulled out due to wilting problem,
so we just put marigold on the empty spot....
We are eager to see how marigold will fare in the same spot, fighting off verticillium wilt syndrome as kate ~ themanicgardener and ~ Cathy pointed out in the earlier post My tomato plant is wilting, but why.? ,

checking our tomatoes....


  1. The garden seems to be coming right along. You can't go wrong with tomatoes, they grow no matter what you do with them. I think determinant varieties are vining plants and indeterminates are bushier. Don't quote me on that.

  2. Heather... watching tomato plants growing is like going through with kids... You tend to recognise the character of each ... Tomato plants come with traits and characters!!... Each of them is different..... So far they are doing fine.. cheers!

  3. I have quite a few tomatoes started from seed, but they are just an inch high now. In a few months they should look like yours!

    "Most of the tomato varieties grown in home gardeners are considered indeterminate varieties, or vining tomatoes. They continue growing until they are killed by frost and keep setting fruit throughout the growing season.
    Determinate tomato varieties tend to reach a fixed height and ripen all their fruit in a short period of time."
    (Got that quote from

  4. Thanks Kim and Victoria for dropping in...

    Hope your tomatoes will grow just fine..

    and thanks too to your short info on determinate/indeterminate variety .. our tomatoes for now are racing against each other reaching up the sky... they are about 3 1/2 feet high.....



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