Thursday, November 24, 2011

Courtesy visit to the Palace

A courtesy visit to the Palace on 15th November 2011, last week. Very beautiful palace indeed, fringed with green. The session was in  relaxed mood. It's an ocasion on 15th  December 2011 we were discussing about.

The Sultan of Johor was very concerned about preserving Johor heritage especially buildings and culture. If we drive along Johor Bahru we can sense the atmosphere of such heritage like Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque, Muzeum and Palaces.

Blue is the royal colour for Johor State, and HRH reminded us not to be too excessive with blue for 15.12.2011 ocassion. While it is alright for carpet to be blue, HRH doesn't expect napkin, table cloth, etc to be all blue.

With HRH Sultan of Johore 15th November 2011.
 (from left: zulkifli, shab, HRH Sultan of Johor, bangchik, suzana,and johaini)

bangchik and kakdah
Johor Malaysia


  1. If I understand correctly Bangchik you are part of the group that is preparing for this event in December. Your photograph with his HRH and the other group members is quite nice. I need to study more about the culture in your country! Excellent for HRH to not want everything will stand out more when there is not too much and it is used with a contrasting color or a neutral color!

  2. And what an honor to be part of this event!

  3. Bangchik, I'm glad you and Kakdah has arrived safely and settled well in JB. It is indeed a great honour to be photographed with HRH. Are you going to receive a title from HRH? If so, Congratulations!

  4. Theanne and Baron....
    - there is an event scheduled on 15th December this year we are preparing now. Yes, I am part of the team. I will write more about it later. So I really have to juggle pursuits now, work, social, royal and the other passion ~ gardening.

    Autumn Belle......
    - Thanks, the event on 15th December is not about title or award for me.. no. I will write more later.... It is about a memorable event..

  5. Great honour to be photographed with HRH. All eager to hear and see more.

  6. Congratulations! What an honour to be photographed with the HRH!

  7. Keats The Sunshine Girl.....
    - I have been fairly secretive about my professional existence. Of course I will give updates about 15 December event, but I probably focus on heritage, values, and interface between HRH and people.

  8. AaronVFT.....
    Definitely a rare opportunity to be photographed with HRH Sultan of Johor in such a relaxed mood. But there will be more especially the 15th December event.

  9. Tahniah Bangchik and Kakdah kerana berpeluang menemui DYMM Sultan Johor! Selamat menjayakan projek yang bakal dilaksanakan!

  10. Ummu Madihah....
    - terima kasih. Harap2 majlis 15.12.2011 nanti lancar dan kekal dalam ingatan.


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