Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The old mulberry and the new pak choy.

Yes a new place and a new garden indeed, but at the moment contents are old plants brought here from Tanah Merah Kelantan. Somehow potted plants love the new setting, weather and shady environment created by two massive rain-tree....

The Old Mulberry
There is quite a history about mulberry. We first grew two potted mulberry plants in Putrajaya then moved  to Tanah Merah for a year,  and now in Johor.  It seems to grow well, sprouting flowers and berries but I notice a few bites at the leaves. It could be grasshoppers from the large field at the back of our house. It is alright, grasshoppers can take the leaves, we can take the berries.


Mulberry with bitten leaves


The New Pak Choy
Pak Choy is one of the many veggies we would try here. Twenty five seedlings are coming to the fourth leaves. Next week, they will be transferred to bigger 5 inch diameter plastic pots. They will remain in pots til harvest. I don't think they can grow well outside with rains coming everyday..

Pak Choy seedlings

Pak Choy seedlings, 25 altogether.

Pak Choy seedlings.

There is steady progress on six rows of vegetable bed. Three completed and three more to go.  Eleven Roselle seedlings brought along from Tanah Merah are the first group of plants to be introduced into our vegetable plot, the rest will wait...  Our new garden is really a combination of old and new.

bangchik and kakdah.
Johor Malaysia.


  1. garden like life, a mixture of old and happy to see new plants and old plants growing so well in Johor

  2. Hello Bangchik. Did you grow your mulberry tree from seed? How large is it?

  3. It's so nice to see familiar plants, even half way around the world. Happy gardening, both of you..

  4. We will wait Bangchik. I have been looking for roselle here but I can't find one. Is that mulberry the same as that fed to silkworms? I've seen silkworm farms but haven't seen berries yet.

  5. Theanne and Baron..........
    - They seem to grow well here. I am yet to understand the community of pests and insects around here.... probably they are playing hide and see game, and wait for more veggies to finally show their true colour.

  6. Prospero....
    we grow mulberry tree from cuttings. Since they are in pots, their growth is controlled. Stem is thumb size.

  7. 11 Roselle plants? you will have a lot of juices and jam to give around soon!
    Hope to see your vegetable beds soon!

  8. Helen....
    - thanks, What can grow in your area can grow here too....

  9. Andrea.....
    - I was made to understand that is the silkworm favourite...

  10. Malar....
    - yes eleven roselle plants. I wish I could grow more..., to finally see crates of roselle jam!

  11. The mulberry tree must be the most sentimental and special for you and Kakdah,having its history from Putrajaya to Tanah Merah to Pasir Gudang. Is the weather there ok ? We are having cloudy and rainy days with hardly much sunshine. Good luck with your new garden!

  12. Autumn Belle.....
    It rains almost everyday here, always around 6pm..., the time when I am ready to do garden work. But rain doesn't come with extreme intensity as in Kelantan. Here I call it mild.


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