Friday, November 25, 2011

Roselle in Johor

Roselle is the first to be in the little vegetable garden plot. The seedlings were brought from Tanah Merah. I managed to squeezed in 11, with one left as spare just in case any one failed.... Roselle is not so fussy about soil.  We have enough experience over roselle in Putrajaya and Tanah Merah. We did notice about red bugs as angels of death, swarming over roselle towards the end of their healthy lives in Putrajaya and Tanah Merah... Lets see if red bugs around here can smell the eleven plants growing at the back of our house.

Work on six rows of vegetable bed is still in progress. I can't wait until all is ready, therefore 11 roselle plants were planted as early quickwin. I guess to keep enthusiasm  going there should be adequate number of quickwins spread along the journey. Applicable to gardening or any long term projects.

Definitely 11 roselle is the biggest so far, compared to 7 in Tanah Merah and 5 in Putrajaya. With 6 rows of vegetable bed, we can make sure that roselle remain as permanent feature, rotating from one row to another over the many years. 

A sure promise of juice and jam within two months..

bangchik and kakdah
Little Vegetable Garden in Johor


  1. Your new Roselle is looking very good! It must have almost a 100 percent germination rate. Hope no red bugs! A lot of responsibility to prepare occasions for his HRH...I look forward to hearing more about the preparations and the occasion itself!

  2. They look good in a row! Roselle is something a must in my garden too!
    Do you have a plan to open "Roselle Jam and Juice" speciality shop? ;)

  3. Oh you are really so diligent Bangchik! I still haven't seen any roselle in nurseries here in the country, i wonder why!

  4. Your roselle traveled far!

    Assalamualaikum Bangchik and Kakdah.

  5. Im very sure its another successful harvest.

  6. They look very healthy. You have more jam and juice to enjoy this time.

  7. Theanne and Baron
    - So far roselle germinate well... no problem. Even red bug is not much of a problem. They will come when time for roselle is up.... Event with HRH needs serious handling... tip top, perfection so to speak. God bless.

  8. Malar
    - thanks for giving such idea. I may to calculate the minimum number of plants to be economically viable.

  9. Andrea
    - Roselle should grow well in your place, very tropical. Or may be Filipino has substitutes for roselle.

    - far indeed, from north to south. I should have rented a boat and travel across South China Sea to Selat Tebrau. That would be more dramatic!

  10. James
    - I hope within two months there will be juice and jam..

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    - they are alright for now... no problem except for grasshoppers taking particular interest on roselle leaves..

  11. I am fascinated with growing Roselle! I am sometimes able to buy the dried buds here in ethnic markets, (called sorrell here) but my attempt at growing last year was OK. I am just wondering where I can get seed again!

  12. Looking good! You'll be enjoying infusions soon.

  13. My inlaws are growing these in their plot & the berries are now turning red. Hehe, can't wait to try out the recipe from your previous post on juice & jam making soon. :D

  14. Matron...
    - within 2 months we will have thousand of seeds. We will send some to you.

    Plant Chaser...
    - there would be jugs and jugs of roselle juice soon.

    - good luck to your inlaws. roselle juice is good for health.


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