Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fresh from the garden.

This comes from one of 6 wide clay pots we grow vegetables in. This one is grown with 3 other Kale or Kailan in the pot.... Kailan is special because Kakdah can nib a few leaves for a menu. But Kakdah doesn't take leaves progressively with this plant. I pulled the plant out, cut off the bottom part, and place it in a bowl half filled with water. It stays there for a few hours to warm our hearts and be happy and appreciative for the effort and positive response shown by the plant to our care.... Hmmm.... before Kakdah takes out her sharp and shining knife and cut it into pieces....

To a certain extent, pot or container gardening is economical; less watering, minimum loss of soil and nutrients due to heavy rains, no weeds, none or little disturbance from pest if pots are placed close to the house, far from the playing field of insects and pests. The amount of harvest is just enough for small family. Given all the benefits. I still love playing with dirt in vegetable beds more.......

The wide clay pot is placed at the edge of the house facing the main road. The pot rests on two bricks..... The place is experiencing sunlight the whole morning. After 2pm, the place is shadowed by neighbor's house. Fertiliser is poultry manure pellets.

Experienced gardeners,
cooks and wives may know the name of the plant.
I bet Rainfield61
of MyJourney
knows that too.


  1. Given a choice, it's playing in the dirt (outside) for me too! But lack of space is making me use more and more pots. If plants can look as healthy as yours, in pots, I really shouldn't be cribbing about container gardening!:)

    Loved that part about 'warming you heart and being appreciative...' Garden bloggers understand that so well!!

  2. I have resorted to container gardening, and t is a massive water chore now. I like the beds better. But sometimes if I want to grow a certain plant that voles like to eat, I have to grow it in a container.
    Is this a collard?

  3. I used to grow all my edibles in containers whilst I was waiting to get an allotment. Now I have my allotment I still grow some things in containers, such as lettuce, as we don't eat alot of it so don't need to grow a large amount, and by growing it in containers it keeps the plant cleaner and away from the dreaded slugs.

  4. We love having some container gardens on our porch. We grow things we like to nip off while cooking. I always grow a pot of baby bok choi. Is that a big bok choi? It's beautiful!

  5. What beautiful pictures and a terrific blog

  6. so lovely and juicy.. but it guess its tasty to cook rather than making salad isn't it?

  7. We don't get much really hot weather (although this year we sure did!), so I grow my tomatoes in pots. I grow the rest of my vegetables in a small raised bed.
    What a wonderful idea to take time to appreciate the plant first, before preparing and eating it.
    Beautiful pictures.

  8. Bangchik, you are so humourous ha ha... btw, I love to see fresh vege too. I would do the same even with those vege I bought from the market if they would to be consumed on that day. Display first before cooking ;-)


    Thanks for the visits and comments. I am happy to hear that many grow vegetables in containers. For those who have only balcony to play around, container gardening is the most obvious.

    But even when space is in abundance with rows of raised beds, it is still a choice to have a few containers around. It helps in many ways.

    To display vegetables for a while before the final chop,chop,chop is the most honorable thing to do.... haha. It really warms the hearts, having vegetables nearby..... and be appreciative.

    The plant goes by many names; pak choy, pak choi, bak choy.... they sound similar. We never eat them raw, always cooked, James.

    Have a very nice day.., lets do "CONTAINEERING".... Cheers,
    ~bangchik and kakdah
    Putrajaya, Malaysia.

  10. Wow! If I had great bok choy today, we would have a stir fry.

  11. Thats it!!.... stir fry, the most exiting!! ~bangchik

  12. Pak Choy or Choy Sum is what we usually call them. We use them in fried rice noodle. Hmmm, yummy!!

  13. Looks like collard that I had growing earlier this year...little bitter in taste...needed onions.

  14. Container gardening is a good idea. My cucumber seems to be doing fine in a pot. happy gardening!

  15. I think a bit of both is good container and veg plot.


    Yes..., container gardening is easy and convenient... open the door a little, and grab a leaf or two, lunch is ready in no time!!! Pak choy really looks similar to collard. I may just try cucumber in container soon, Keat.

    Thanks everyone,


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