Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SERENADE: Coleus and Beetle being playful..

One fine morning.
A beetle was hovering around coleus blooms.


I dont know the name of that beetle. The same specie always here, shifting from senduduk to coleus.. It didn't seem to like roselle blooms. May be roselle's nectar is not sweet enough!.. haha.

Common name: Carpenter bee
(xylocopa confusa)
Sex: Female
thanks Dawn.

Happy Gardening
~bangchik and kakdah
Putrajaya , Malaysia.


  1. It looks like a bee of some kind...perhaps in the bumblebee family. (I am not an insect expert....or any expert for that matter!)

  2. I like little insects as long as they don't buzz in my ears, or sting me. or eat my plants.

  3. I think it looks like a fat bee, especially with its wings flapping like the second picture. Great shots, Bangchik!

  4. Hello!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. What an amazing site you've created. I love all the beautiful flowers you have captured in your photos.

    Your insect looks like it might be a female carpenter bee (Xylocopa confusa). Here's a photo and description:


  5. I do not know whether the bee can build me some good furnitures.

  6. Very nice shots! What a wonderful day you had.

  7. That is one huge bee playing with the coleus. Lovely series too, so nicely displayed. The black with the blue is striking.

  8. The Mariegold will blossom again, and the Ipomea we can buy in the shop here but not grow - to cold for it.
    Good on you to get the insect in the air, and yes Ouuuups on the last photo. MB

  9. We don't really have to be an expert JANET, to enjoy the fun behind this playful visit by the big bee....

    ROSEY, this bee doesn't disturb me or kakdah. It pay us a visit, hovering around flowers, being playful with coleus for a few rounds and goes home, without even saying goodbye. haha.

    For such a fat body, the bee isn't that quick BELLE. Standing at the porch, I just angled, zoomed and clicked. Lucky to have one, airborne...

    DAWN, thanks for the visit and comment. Thanks also for the info on the bee. I googled, and they matched well...

    RAINNIE, carpenter bees love to bore holes in dead woods. They are carpenters because they play with wood. Huh.., unless you are looking for a honey-combed furniture!.. haha.

    Thanks STEPH and JO for liking the photos... a wonderful day to the two of you too.

    Thanks TINA and MARIA BERG.... I thought it is fun, to see the playful nature of carpenter bee. Do visit this blog in Autumn and Winter, just to see how's the plants and flowers doing in a different continent while leaves are browning and soon fall in your place!

    Cheers, have a wonderful day everyone.

  10. Owh ... I soooo envy you! You are so lucky to be able to capture that flying buzz like that!! I've been trying for ages to no avail ... Great shots!

  11. LILI of BLOSSOM, I guess I was lucky to be around when she came hovering, and the camera was just within reach... haha. ~bangchik

  12. A fun picture tocapture of it in flight.

  13. It is a rather huge insect for such a small flower. Still it is doing the best it can to hang on!

  14. JOANNE and EASYGARDENER..., Fun to capture jovial moments. The bee doesn't have the skills of a hummingbird sucking nectar while airborne. Cheers, ~bangchik

  15. I'm always ready to dive away when I see big bees!

  16. KEATS.., that carpenter bee will not fight, unless you hit her first!

    Cheers, ~ bangchik

  17. That is one big bee! I may keep bees, but I am terrified of the big ones like wasps and carpenter bees. Silly, but true! Great shot though.


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