Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eggplant ready to bear fruit?.

another sole survivor,
an eggplant
growing side by side with the sunflower.

Is it a little bit premature
that the plant
will bear fruit?

The petals fall in one piece
like an umbrella
a colourful parachute,
but its eyes keep watching the stalk,
" why did you nudge me off?"
"Have I lost my beauty?"
"You found someone else?"
"thanks for setting me free..."

what do you think?


  1. It doesn't look like that flower will set fruit. We call eggplant aubergine in the UK. I haven't had success over the past two years, but finally, managed to get some aubergines off the plant this year. My first flower dropped off without setting fruit, but the flowers which followed did. I helped the plant along with pollination by 'tickling' the inside of each flower with a small artists paintbrush to transfer the pollen. This certainly helped, and it wasn't long before I got fruit.

  2. I thought the flower looked familiar. Although my Aubergines did not flower this year even in the greenhouse.

  3. Beauty will fade in time, but stay forever in memory.
    So it has never lost its beaity.

  4. From my experience the base of the flower would be noticeably swollen if it was going to bear fruit.

  5. "ew, get me away from these flea beetles"

    Doesn't look like they're bothering your plants, but I've never had luck with eggplant because of the flea beetles.

  6. yes, it looks like the bloom fell off of that one and you won't get an eggplant there. bummer. I am growing fairy tale eggplants this year, and they set a lot of fruit. i am very pleased. the bees were very good pollinators for me this year. Is pak choy like bok choy?

  7. Bangchik, you caught a photograph of this flower at its most beautiful moment!

  8. No luck with my japanese eggplants this year due to beetles but from past experience, the bloom has to mature on the stem before fruit is born. I hope you have many more blooms on your plants. A pretty fallen flower though Bangchik!

  9. "Thanks for setting me free. Not ready to bear fruit now!"
    Most veggie blooms are so beautiful but the brinjal flower (for that's what we call them in India) is the loveliest!! Beautiful shot!

  10. I've never grown eggplants, so i wouldn't know. But anyway, the flower is very showy!

  11. JO

    Many tend to think that there would NOT be any fruit for this bloom. I keep a close watch, and there is no indication that the stalk is going to dry out. oh, we really have to wait....

    The flower is quite beautiful as some pointed out. But they are very low, for such a small plant, and to view and marvel at its beauty we really have kneel... haha. Thanks to the camera to make it a lot bigger and visible!!

    Thanks everyone for nice comments. and there will be more updates to the fate of our sole survivor; an eggplant!
    Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.

  12. > Gardenmom... pak choy is like bok choy or bak choy... the same. ~bangchik

  13. I am growing eggplants for the first time this year and I have been spending much time kneeling and flat on my back in the grass in order to take pictures. I am so fascinated by this plant. No flea bettles here but some litle green leaf hoppers that keep eating holes in the leaves--but the plants are so healthy and robust that they do not seem to be bothered by these bugs.

  14. what a beautiful flower. and yes like others i also have the feeling it wont set fruit now. but lets see what natures decides.

  15. Thanks KHABBAB... Lets see what nature has in store. ~bangchik

  16. Thanks Curmudgeon. Nice to hear that you kneel and flat on your back and that is a light deviation from the regular kneeling for fluffing, fertilising, mulching, planting etc etc... So far so good, insects seem to leave eggplant alone. They have other juicy, and greener veggies to feast on!!


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