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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Papaya's birth control.

birth control,
papaya's way.

A long hot spell hit us here the last few months. Now it is getting wetter with rains almost everyday. A hot spell is a condition not too good for anyone, humans, animals and plants. Papaya is reacting in an interesting manner by controlling birth.

There is quite a gap between the bigger papayas and the new baby fruits at the top. It was during the prolonged hot spell that flowers dropped too early, and baby fruits fall voluntarily to let the bigger fruits go on maturing and produce excellent fruit and seeds. I call that birth control, Papaya's Way...

What do you think?


  1. Nature, the great designer at work.

  2. Papaya plants are clever, aren't they?

  3. A very good way to interpret papaya's ways.

  4. Plants have adapted to all kinds of conditions. And they're pretty smart, too!

  5. According to popular myth, the hybrid domestic variety are extremely sensitive to overt moisture or continuous direct sunlight. Not only that papaya plants are smart but they are survivors.

  6. I like your blog and will return regularly

    If man was a wise as mother nature we would live in a much different world.

  7. You have discovered a very good theory. Let's name it The Law of Bangchik.


    Lets agree that Nature puts survival instinct in plants and animals, a tiny chip somewhere int their genetic make-up. Then plants and animals react accordingly, as FJL rightfully mention about reaction to excessive heat and wet.

    Other than the biological mechanics, we, the humans has other interesting element, the so called psychological defense... That is the most difficult element to understand.

    Back to behavior of papaya..., I am more than willing to accept that is the mechanics of nature. It has been there ever since. So RAINNIE, to say I discover it is too much to shoulder... haha... lets not call it Law of Bangchik, Law of Nature is perfect and should remain just as that.

    Cheers, Have a great day.
    Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.


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