Saturday, September 19, 2009

How does it feel to be left abandoned....

 a view of
grey and red structure
through the leaves of Pulai tree
USJ R&R along the highway towards KLIA.

Economic downturn that hit Asia badly mid 90's left many projects abandoned half way through. Those are choices people got to make.... more so when everything was very tight and  felt squeezed. Some has to be abandoned as a matter of choice (or no other choice).....

Now what about trees...... The more we leave them alone, the better they would probably be and they don't even feel abandoned.

"How does it feeeel, to be on your ownnnnn .......", 
as Bob Dylan goes on singing 
or yelling 
or groaning.

But dont leave your loved ones....
~bangchik and kakdah

Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. So true, Bangchik, so true! Nice photo regardless.

  2. You not alone in Asia, all across Europe there are scenes like this. I used to be in the construction industry and not I have no job :(

  3. Great post! Very true. barry I am in your same boat....interior design & architecture

  4. A very thoughtful post. We all need a reminder of these things.

  5. Abandonment is a sad word. Everyday it happens. Even a building can look sad when it is abandoned. Plants who have been bought on the spur of the moment forgotten and left to dry out! Pets gotten on a whim, left and forgotten, children, old people, no ending.

  6. sadly, that's how some projects will or have ended up with, unfinished.

    gladly for the tree, nature is nurturing. keep it untouched and they will grow in splendor!

  7. Abandone buildings are a sad reminder about the economic downturn. I hope this will be revived soon and not become an eyesore. Luckily, tomorrow or the day after, you will have something to celebrate.

    To Bangchik and Kakdah,
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

    How about a post on raya after this?

  8. When a building is abandoned, something or someone else will take over. Human or animals. Seen or unseen.

  9. Here too in my small town there are abandoned buildings and houses. Just as in the forest there are abandoned nests =)

  10. Yes, sadly this is happening everywhere at the moment. It doesn't look such an eyesore though when it has the lovely frame of the trees.

  11. Good reminder! I have to cut down on shopping nowadays :-( But it is a good habit to cultivate else there will be no savings by the time I get older. I have learnt to be more grateful on what I am blessed with :-) Enjoy your happy raya weekend!

  12. You have your perspective.
    Enjoy your long holiday.

  13. Thanks everyone. It's about choices. To leave, to abandon, to look after, to love. ~ bangchik


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