Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too much for marigolds to handle.

I haven't got much time lately for a meaningful gardening.. that crucial half an hour in the morning and evening. Then suddenly I saw these at the upper end of vegetable bed ... Heartbreaking indeed. I pull them out, push into a plastic bag to be taken away by garbage lorry.

Out of the many, two plants stand ground. I really want to see how the two plants fare..... I guess some are stronger than others to survive in a world where food chain is a way forward , where one will eat another. These are marigolds at the upper end of veggie bed, those at the lower end are doing fine and those recently trimmed marigolds at Walkway Bed are seen sprouting little side branches.

My late Mother
called these white things bena


  1. Does not take long for the little things to sap the life from plants.

  2. Bangchik, my heart dropped when I see your post today. These white pests are my enemies too. I just lost my big headded marigold and 2 portulacas to them. Maybe its because of the damp weahter and rainy spell. Luckily you acted fast and hopefully prevented them from spreading.

  3. I've got to ask what camera do you use and are you a trained cameraman?

  4. is it a fungus or an insect? what IS that white stuff?

  5. You manage to blog during this festive season.
    Ho ho ho balik kampong....

  6. HOCKING HILLS GARDENER, you are right, rather short notice for these pests to suck the life out marigolds.

    BELLE, sad to hear that you suffered the same.

    OCEAN GIRL, Nikon and Sony. I am never a trained cameraman. I just love taking photos....

    WENDY, i don't know wendy. eggs and larva i think of some pest.

    RAINNIE, balik kampung and back to Putrajaya.


  7. I'm sorry to see those pests there, Bangchik. Does the hose help at all??

  8. > JGH... I didn't do any hosing at all, because the plants looked terribly weak. "Bena" had sucked so much out of the marigolds. I thought the best to do was, to pull them out and put into garbage bag.

    I have done hosing before. I practically pick each out and flick into a bowl of hot water. That was when these pests are small in quantity.

    This time the colony simply was too big, and they cover every single stem, branch and leaves....

    Cheers ~bangchik


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