Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The greens in containers.

Three out of six containers.

Everything is neat about container gardening, except it stops you from playing in the dirt and refrains you from getting dirty and sweaty. This way of gardening is definitely a real help during rainy seasons. Most vegetables will find it very tough to grow in beds during such wet weather, even vegetables are sold at much higher price .

Six pots all together. It took quite some time to realise how little is watering really required. We can even miss a day, and the plants won't mind. The other day I saw one fat green grasshopper having a great feast on one of the pots. I caught it and sent it far away......

We have been growing greens this way for almost a year. Pak Choy, Choi Sum, Kailan, basil, parsley, chives has been occupying pot's space.... And Kakdah finds it convenient to get out and pick a leaf or two for lunch and dinner without getting her new shoes dirty... aha... She loves me for that.

But I still grow vegetables on garden beds just to get dirty and sweaty!! ... Never for the tan, because I have enough of that.... haha.

Lets try Container Gardening
~Bangchik and Kakdah.
Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. I agree with growing in pots....but do have to get my hands dirty every now and then....LOL

  2. Good for you! I tried lettuce in pots this summer, but it didn't do as well as lettuce in raised beds.

  3. salads in containers - good idea.
    This year I grow hot pepper (doing well) and basil (not doing so well)
    every year I make different mistakes. this is how experts are shaped - right?

  4. wow! that's ideal for someone who live in a flat....i never tried veggies yet..i will give it a go next spring time..thanks for sharing this!

  5. Everything and anything can be grown in pots,but you cannot beat getting down and dirty!I find the advantage to pot growing is they can be moved around to sheltered postions when the weather changes or moved neared the house in cold weather.There are lots of advantages them.Basil did nothing for me this year either in pots or the mini greenhouse, they just died off

  6. I wish I had a pile of dirt to play in! Containers are a good way to control marauding plants like mint as well.

    Ho-hum I'm stuck with my containers at least until we move back to Japan in 2012 or so..... >_<

  7. yes, I guess you can't really work on your tan fiddling around with containers too much! My parents grow choi sum (and some of the others you mentioned as well). My mom will cook the greens, then drizzle some oil and LOTS of fried garlic on top, then a drizzle of oyster sauce on that. It's delicious. Your greens look great!

  8. Some people think grasshoppers are a delicacy. Not me. I am with you. Send them away. Your greens look tasty!

  9. Hi guys, every time I drop by, there is always something new and interesting...I haven't quite gotten over roselle yet... am still ever curious about it! :)

  10. Hello Bangchik, I agree,the weather plays an important part to the health of plants. But your vege are looking great! Some of my fussy plants are not looking so good these weeks as the weather is so unpredicable. But some are thriving well. Plants are like pets... they love getting our attention in strange ways. Happy gardening!

  11. I've been growing herbs and chillies in containers too. But I must say your greens look very happy! Good for Kakdah too!

  12. Besides the green, I inspired by "she loves me for that". Ahh!!

  13. I used to grow all my veg in containers before I got my allotment. Now I have the allotment I still grow some things in containers for convenience, and also, some things just do better in containers.

  14. What? A way to garden without getting the shoes dirty?! I'll have to try it!

    Growing vegetables in containers does have its plus points. But of course, the green fingers of most gardeners love to get dirty every now and then on veggie beds. It definitely suits well with flat/apartment dwellers and people with limited or no real soil to play around..

    Yes, growing in containers with additional benefit of moving around to locations most suitable. Huh, just think of the many ways greens can be treated in kitchens and we can pick them through the door... Yes, both gardeners and grasshoppers are after the same healthy looking green leaves. Gardeners love to play supremacy game, so grasshoppers has to be sent far way...

    Of course there is always something new with gardening. Like sunflower changing every minute as it is about to open its lovely yellow skirt! Enthusiasm and anticipation is deadly. Putting plants in containers is like babysitting them with overflowing attention. So far I have been successful with green vegetables and not so with chilies. I guess my fingers are cool and green, not hot and red!.. aha.

    Its about treating a lady, my dear Rainnie.. aha, and take the song "No way to treat a lady" by Bonnie Tyler as a precaution. But Jo, we have to start the car to get to allotment, while greens in containers is just a step away. It's worth a try, JGH, this container gardening and you can attend to the chores with your best dress, makeups, and high heels!.. haha.

    Cheers everyone
    and have a great day .
    Putrajaya, MALAYSIA.


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