Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daun Selom, such delicacy.

Daun Selom
or Selom Leaves
Scientifically known as Oenanthe Javanica

Daun Selom is a local herb found in wet areas through out Malaysia, India and South East Asia. It is used as vegetable salad for thousand of years. Daun Selom has a high anti oxidant properties. If consumed daily as herbal supplement, it will prevent chronic digeneric diseases and boost the immune system.

Daun Selom
at the lower end of veggie bed,
with marigolds as companions.
The white flowers doesn't belong to marigolds. It's Selom...., We squeezed a few seloms at the lower end of the bed where roselles and marigolds are. These seloms really are a distant cousin of kangkung (water spinach), with hollow tube as stems. They dont climb up, just crawl on the ground.... As kangkung, these selom loves water....

They really thrive in paddy or rice field. We try as much as we can to simulate a suitable habitat for these seloms. Lots of compost, mulch and heavy watering......

Young leaves and stems are edible - raw or cooked. The flavour is reminiscent of carrots or parsley.

Daun seloms, 
just another herb in our garden

the leaves

the flower

Daun Selom, 
just another herb in our garden

  1. selom : swingtrading
  2. Selom-Panduan Menanam: organikpro [in Malay Language]


  1. thanks for sharing. selom looks like coriander or parsley.

    now you make me missed eating kangkung!

  2. I have never heard of this plant. I wonder what it would take to grow it here, at high altitude. A lot of watering?
    Thanks for teaching us about selom. It does look like a great herb.

  3. What an interesting herb/plant. Too bad the water requirements are seemingly high, otherwise I'd try obtaining seed.

    Looks like Parsley to me, too.

  4. It looks like it is related to carrots/dill family. Interesting plant, I will keep an eye out for it.

  5. Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family. Best wishes for the year ahead.

  6. I also thought that it looks a bit like parsley. If you eat it every day, your immune system should be very strong!

  7. Do they serve this at the buffet counters in hotels too? I mean when the theme is local Malaysian fare.

  8. you have such interesting posts. Things I have never heard of. I love it. Great photos of a very pretty herb. Enjoy your delicacy xx

  9. Thanks, I'll check this one out. I have a great interest in medicinal herbs.

  10. Thanks everyone...
    Even though Selom love water, it can survive with less ... Occasionally hotels in Malaysia serve selom as salad. Selom leaves will be tied up into a knot for easy consumption and neatness.


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