Friday, March 26, 2010

Tomato; the skin is shining...


The little fruits emerge as white,
it takes a couple of weeks before the colour turns slightly greenish.
By then, the shine begin to appear...
Its like early maturity,
like a teenager.

Puberty begins with a surge in hormone production,
which in turn,
causes a number of physical changes.

Our earlier tomatoes 
are showing every sign of puberty,
with blushes setting in. How they shine........



  1. I can't wait to see the little white blooms and shine on my tomatoes.
    Yours are looking good!

  2. What beautiful words to go with such a lovely picture.

  3. Oh My! I am so jealous! I am just starting Tomato seeds indoors. still too cold to put them outside! I cant wait to eat the first summer tomato! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I getting ready to plant my first one, tomorrow. I hope it will look as nice as yours :-)

  5. Enjoy your tomatoes! We are at least four to five months away from tomato season, although my seedlings are now 2 inches tall!

  6. Amy
    Rebecca @ In The Garden
    Jenn's Cooking Garden!

    Growing tomatoes is once a year, then I will rotate with something else. After the last harvest which won't be long from now, I will pop in to someone else blog to view tomatoes and the plants.

    Now is your turn to enjoy mine.

    I underestimate the growth, now the plant is about to overrun the trellis. Both of us have to sit down, to figure out how to provide the extra support without spoiling the look.

    Effort has been made to think beyond the produce, kitchen and menu, the plants and vegetable bed. The whole must look as tidy as possible.We try to introduce new landscape elements to add to the whole character.

    Its not all about success stories, a couple of sad and disheartening episodes do appear.

    I suppose it would not be too long from now, to see greenish tomatoes turning into red.


  7. Hi Bangchik. Your tomatoes have grown so fast. You will have fresh ones to eat before you know it. I just got my seeds started LOL!

  8. Bangchik, your words capture and teach us all.

  9. Hocking Hills Gardener ~ by the time I have finished my last tomato, I can rekindle the nostalgia by visiting your tomato post.

    Poetic Shutterbug ~ thanks, just an attempt to view tomatoes beyond the produce and harvest.


  10. To me, the smell of the tomato plant is the ultimate summer fragrance!

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  12. They look lovely. Our tomatoe plants at Gift Box Garden are still baby seedlings and too young to be planted out. But can't wait for our summer crop fingers crossed! Well done.

  13. I planted my tomatoes too late, I think I will get only 4 snallish ones. That's the trouble with gardening here.

  14. ~Lanny
    you describe the smell of tomato so well.

    growing tomatoes is quite a challenge. One will keep looking out for sign of wilting..

    Timing isn't too important in here. Summer all year round.

    Putrajaya, Malaysia


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