Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The sky, The wind and The green.

How interrelated they are, the sky, the wind and the green. A light breeze takes a portion of the heat away from the air, pushing it somewhere else I guess. It was some decades ago, when a teacher introduced whats logical then about how the existence of low and high pressure induces the movement of air. Things somehow perpetually look for equilibrium. Water looks for its own balanced level and so is air pressure.

The little piece hanging at the porch. 
Whenever there is a strong wind, 
the bamboo knock against one another 
producing a lovely melodic tune.

The sky is the limit to what is earthly. Water turn itself into  a lighter form , vapour to travel high. Talk about hanging out with your own kind, water shows the way. Water vapour rises and assemble on daily basis. When they had enough for the day, they parachute downwards in drizzles and rains. Like us water too has tantrums, its ugly side will emerge as it rampage the whole neighbourhood in a flooding mood to echo whats thundering in the sky, the torrential rain. Its the same sky, that birds play and dive at will, nonchalant at times.

a bird resting 
as the other gliding forward.
in front of my house.

The green is at the mercy of the two, wind and sky. With the right proportion, we call it good weather. The green has been a logical thing, always reacts well with good weather. They too succumb to the anger of the sky and wind, that they allow themselves to be blown over, broken and dead. When the sky opens up its gate, heavy downpour will drown the green.
 My favourite, sawi putih.
This one goes by many names.

Life has always been that way, 
forever correcting itself 
perpetually finding the elusive equilibrium.

~ bangchik
Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. What an interesting post. I like the way you think about the sky, the wind and the green and how you write about it.


  2. Hi Bangchik, a very philosophical post but it has insight and I think a very easy way to explain to a child how rain happens!
    We are back to wind and rain over here after enjoying a few weeks of sunny if cold weather.It is still too cold to plant out and lots of plants are sitting in pots in the greenhouse awaiting more clement conditions.

  3. Beautiful post...brilliant!! Gorgeous photos too!

  4. I can just imagine how wonderful the bamboo sounds knocking against each other... lovely.

  5. I love your windchimes, I have a hummingbird one in the garden. We had rain and wind yesterday, but luckily there was no damage to the plants.

  6. Now that it's spring here, I do find myself looking up at the sky a lot. Trying to figure out if the tender greens I'm trying to start are threatened at all. Such a tenuous time. Love this take on things.

  7. I paused for a moment, as I read this, and considered the life-force, the energy, that is within and around us at every moment! Sometimes quiet, still. Sometimes explosive, destructive. But always there, for good and even for 'bad' outcomes. As you say, 'it has always been this way'. Deep thoughts leading to more and more endless pondering... Wonderful;-)

  8. A very thoughtful post. Too often we see or hear these aspects of nature and do not think about them. It is good to consider how they react with each other - and the consequences for us humans.

  9. Marie ~ Thanks.

    donna ~ This blog is about our little garden, things going on in this garden and what I think about gardening, nature and life in general. A way to share ...

    Peggy ~ thanks..., and hope your garden will really spring into action soon!

    Victoria ~ something interesting about bok choy, or sawi putih. I guess its the contrasting colour, white and deep green and the way bok choy opens up its leaves.

    Kiki ~ thanks, just looking at connectivity between sky, wind and green in the eyes of a gardener who used to a child before.. haha.

    ~ bangchik

  10. Dirty Girl Gardening ~ The sound is natural, melodic and haunting.. we never get tired with the sound.

    Jo ~ That wind-chime has been with us for more than 3 years. When the colour fades, I will put varnish to bring back its life. Good that the rain and wind are showing kindness!

    JGH ~ being considerate to the young plants is most commendable.

    Jan (Thanks For Today) ~ I put things in the most simplistic view, but adequate to portray the connectivity without deep scientific treatment.... It is good to take a step back and look through the eyes of a child.

    easygardener ~ Thanks..., Nature can never be tamed to our whims and fancy, it has its own way of treating things and balancing inconsistencies ... But we can be kind to nature.

    Putrajaya, Malaysia


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