Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tomato plants are flowering.

Tomato flowers



the hairs 

All the six tomato plants are flowering with unmistakenly yellow flowers. Their flowers are facing down, not like a few others that are daring enough to expose themselves to the  sun.

Side shoots or suckers that grow between the leaves and the stem, are found on every plant. We just cut them off. I didn't do that with the previous attempts that in the end tomato plants became very top heavy.
I just hope there will be numerous fruits emerging from those yellow flowers. The anxiety, anticipation, wanting to know, add to the excitement with growing tomatoes.

I still apply liquid fertilizer sprayed every other week. No pest seems to bother tomato plants...



  1. Oh, it's lovely to see that. I long for mine to do the same but it's a bit early. Until then I enjoy the smell from the plants when I touch them, it smells like summer =)

  2. It won't be long until you are enjoying the taste of those tomatoes. My tomato plants are only an inch high at the moment. It seems such a long way away until I will be tasting mine.

  3. I didn't know that tomato plants could look so pretty. Good info to know so they don't get top heavy. I planted mine the other day and I'm crossing my fingers!

  4. Oh my, you are going to have tomatoes one day soon. Nothing tastes better than your own vine grown tomatoes.

  5. I love the yellow flowers of tomato...they're just the epitome of anticipation!

  6. Your tomato plants look so healthy and lovely. I don't grow them myself but am planning on starting a variety of squash seeds soon. Looking forward to the growing season.

  7. Autumn Belle ~ yes, delicate little flowers. Just wait when the fruits start to appear and ripen... The red color is delicate too,

    gittan ~ the do have special smell... refreshing, like mint, that will make you want to stay awake...

    Jo ~ Growing plants is a journey, and the fun is while you are on it... once fruiting, its like arriving at the last point. We just want to rest. I am anxious about the tomatoes which won't be too long from now.

    Amy ~ I put it as one of the many reasons. Gardeners always mention sucker being absorbing too much of the nutrients and they themselves not too productive. Being top heavy is definitely true with my experience.. Too many branches for a delicate plant like tomato will not be too good.

    Hocking Hills Gardener ~ I am not too sure if patience last to the end. Occasionally we will take the young tomatoes for salads.. I hope this time, the patience will run high.

    Kyna ~ New shoots, new flowers, new fruits are items of interest in gardening. Tomato flowers are definitely the epitome of anticipation!

    Helen at summerhouse ~ They look healthy I agree. By the look of it, they will not suffer in hot weather.., but may succumb to heavy rains which tend to loosen the soil and expose the roots.

    Lets put tomato plants in your garden!!

  8. Yikes! Your tomatoes are catching up to mine so quickly Bangchik that I think you will be enjoying yours first!

  9. gippslandgardener ~ Putrajaya may enjoy the ripe tomatoes first, but the excessive heat may not allow the plants to go too far ... so lets compare which last longest! ~bangchik

  10. Yay! I pinch off the suckers too. This year I'm trying a new way of trellising called a "Florida Trellis" - hope it works better than last year's cages.

  11. Marie ~ Thanks, for the moment yes, they look lovely.

    JGH ~ I am sure you are going to show "Florida Trellis in your blog. My own trellis has evolved into something unusual ... a modified version of skeletal pyramid. I am going to give a name to it. Patented so to speak.. "modified skeletal pyramid trellis"! or MSP trellis ... haha.

    ~ bangchik

  12. Since I'm months away from seeing any of those glorious flowers, it's nice to see them blooming on your tomato plants! What varieties are you growing?

  13. I can almost smell them...
    What a joy!
    I will plant my own tomato seeds soon.
    "Sungold" is my favourite.

    I've still got 50 cm snow in my garden at det moment, but soon it will be spring.

    Have a happy Monday,
    and a great week. :)

  14. How exciting to see those flowers! I've just started some seeds so it'll be a long time before I see any flowers.

  15. The detail in your pictures is wonderful! I am going to try a couple of tomato plants again this year. They taste so much better than the tomatoes from the grocery store.

  16. Hi Bangchik, these are certainly very healthy plants. They seem to be really taken care of very well. I can imagine the big fruits they will produce later, and will be very beautiful to look at.

  17. Oh, I can almost smell those leaves. Looking forward to tomato season in my garden! Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Avis ~ the seed packet doesn't say much, just tomato. It's the normal type sold in market here I guess.

    Ida ~ Lets share compare notes on tomato when Spring comes to you.

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress ~ Tomatoes are fairly quick, it wont be too long before we can see your flowers.

    Green Iris ~ My previous attempt allowed me to taste a crunchy munch.

    Andrea ~ they look healthy at the moment, but as always, flowering is the start of plant to go downhill.

    beth ~ a unique smell indeed.

    Putrajaya, Malaysia


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