Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making bricks ornamental.

Photo 1 ~ bricks with pegaga

Photo 2 ~ bricks
pegaga in between

Photo 3 ~ the gap between bricks

Photo 4 ~ the gap between bricks

It is not about the issue of bricks not enough, therefore the wide gap in between. I have been discussing this with Kakdah, that as edging,  bricks serve its function so well. Heavy rains is a real test on bricks. Bricks retain soil from being washed out which we are very thankful. But being impervious they contain water as well, hence plants temporarily get drown.

We then leave gap in between, enough for  Pegaga
to creep through and peep over the edge.

 photo 5

photo 6

 photo 7

To us, bricks are ornamental.

Putrajaya, Malaysia


  1. We don't often see bricks here where I live, even on buildings, let alone gardens. I think it lends a sense of permanence when they are used as a pathway or edging in a garden. (Seems like a very English look, too.)

    Your pegaga plants are certainly enjoying their ramble over and around bricks.

    Christine in Alaska

  2. I think the bricks make everything look tidy, clearly defining the beds.

  3. Hi Bangchik. Now that is a clever way to use your bricks. Your Pepaga plants look very nice sifting through the bricks.

  4. I love the pegaga it so cute. It's little peltate leaves remind me of nastursium.

  5. Hello Bangchik, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog today. Whenever I read your comments on anyone's blog, I always think you sound so wise. I would imagine you are a calm and serene person at one with universe. Your garden and photographs are lovely.

  6. Bangchik, I like the use of bricks and am glad you're using them as an edging. But the this dollar weed?!?! I have A LOT of it!! My son prefers it over lawn. I pull it by hand, which takes HOURS EVERY WEEKEND!!

  7. what a good idea bangchik..i got few bricks behind my house..need to do some arrangement now..haha!

  8. Bangchik, It seems to me that pretty soon you will not see your bricks... but I love the plants filling in the negative space! ;>)

  9. It is lovely to see how plants can soften a hard, straight edge that we lay down. I find that growing thyme between blocks works well, and when you tread on it the perfume is released!

  10. I need more bricks in my garden! They are both practical and ornamental.

    Btw, I like the way you place the bricks and in order for the pegaga to creep out a little like that... pretty!

  11. Christine B. ~ I agree about that English look and feel with bricks. Pegaga seem to enjoy the cooling effect of the gap in between.

    Rebecca @ In The Garden ~ the pair is supportive of one and another.

    Jo ~ Tidy when the bricks are laid with precision, with equal gaps all the way.

    Hocking Hills Gardener ~ Yea, they are so orderly, like people queuing to board a bus.

    Foy Update - Garden Cook Write Repeat ~ pegaga need dampness, which bricks can offer. I googled "nastursium", how similar!


  12. Maureen ~ never thought any friendblogger would come up with such complimentary remarks. The bottomline is still Bangchik, a blogger having little vegetable garden, and at times reveal too much of passionate love with gardening.

    Kimberly ~ I guess they are dollar weeds.

    waliz ~ go ahead and make some arrangement. Being creative with bricks and gardening is a way to put more fun into gardening..

    Carol ~ I regularly have them thinned.

    Matron ~ little plants like pegaga add some excitement, and definitely soften the hard brick.

    Stephanie ~ I love these bricks more when they gather moss and create that jungle feel.

  13. I agree. The nasturtiums sure add to the look.

  14. tina ~ they do have extra special look, and with those bricks, their height just enough to peep over the edge. So easy to thin them if they overrun .. ~bangchik

  15. How pretty together, the bricks and the pegaga.

  16. ~Lanny
    Yes.., they blend well, with their contrasting color. ~bangchik

  17. hi bang chik,, cantik pegaga tu,,hijau,,nk mintak share, nak tanam pegaga macam mane ye? kat mana nak cari benih dia?


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