Sunday, August 21, 2011

Changing location, better colour for chryothemis pulchella

Kakdah had been placing this potted plant under her orchid house ever since the orchid house was ready early of the year. Then a few months later she decided to to embark on garden facelift, swapping plants from left to right, taking out some and put them under brighter light, and some placed under shadier place. Flowers somehow need light to show off their exotic outfit. And these flowers really bloom!

Thus the issue of nature versus nurture comes into play, applicable to development of child, career development and flowers too.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. Love this plant when it shows its orange and yellow blooms!

  2. It's always very rewarding to find the right spot for our plant friends to thrive.

  3. p3chandan
    Rebecca @ In The Garden

    ~ Yes the flower is sweet, with yellow and orange.
    ~ The right spot is a compromise. A vintage spot for viewing may not necessarily be the spot the plant will grow best.

  4. The bloom make the plant more lovely!
    Both you and Kakdah have really green thumb!

  5. my mother has lots of this plant too, which i also take lots of photos.

  6. Malar

    ~ May be green thumbs, maybe we know how to "jampi".. aha.


    ~ Yea, I suppose many would like to keep, because the leaves, the flowers are all colourful!

  7. I love the this plant also :-D In my garden the plant flower in the shade also. I have a bright shade and the plant receives some late afternoon sun. hey yes you are right, sunlight is good for the plant!

  8. Stephanie

    ~ yea..., the plant is receiving very late afternoon sun.


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