Sunday, August 7, 2011

rooftop gardening: for the community.

rooftop gardening: visitors

Our rooftop gardening is not about planting and harvesting only, it evolves into research on rooftop gardening's  impact to the environment, electronic and robotic applications in farming and a focal point for the community. The place is open for everyone to see and learn. Whoever gets to the rooftop, briefed about the technology behind it will get a certificate "friends of rooftop gardening". The number swells to a thousand now, serial 0001 goes to Dato Mustapha, 0002 Dato Rohani, and so on.

It is very much a social responsibility, pushing home the notion that gardening is a vocation, it is not old fashion, it is earth friendly. Everyone should get involved even as small as having a few pots at the balcony. So we received steady numbers of visitors from schools in Kelantan.....

students from nearby school

she was explaining about growth and harvest

primary school children

ready for a group photo

a group photo of primary school pupils.

They are allowed to meander about within a designated section.

books over the head, it was hot for some.

Future is in their hands, the younger generations. 
Rooftop gardening is about "dare to dream" and making use of idle space. 
And finally gardening is a profitable adventure.

The post on rooftop gardening is the last, 
until I assemble enough information on marketing aspects.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. It's a great idea. I think this concept is slowly gaining popularity.

  2. This is a good venture. The best part is that it benefit school children and our future generations in knowledge and experience too, besides the successful harvest. Kudos, Bangchik!

  3. Hot stuff - chilli - wise and for the future. It is a great initiative - everyone benefits. Hope everything goes well. Congrates!

  4. What a wonderful idea! If only my school have such a program...

  5. Very good venture!
    You must be very busy entertaining the visitors!

  6. Rohrerbot
    ~ rooftop gardening is good, utilising idle space and for the community to hold hands.

    Autumn Belle
    ~ The youngsters would learn a lot from this showcase.....

    Keats The Sunshine Girl
    ~ yea, rooftop gardening for all!

  7. AaronVFT
    ~ I guess school can embark on such project for students to learn beyond growing/planting. It's livelihood, economics attached. You can propose to your teachers....

    ~ there is a group handling the community side. As always, Bangchik stay far back... aha.

    ~ thanks..., now marketing is something new to them!

  8. Very well said! There is really no problem about having your garden installed on the rooftop. In fact, green roofs are becoming highly popular nowadays for the reason that green roofs can contribute a lot to the beautification of the urban and most importantly, to the cleanliness of the atmosphere. As long as the owners are taking good care of their rooftop gardens, then their plants will certainly survive and grow healthily.

    Randell Jeffries

  9. Really impressed by your team work and efforts to promote gardening skills. i offer my services and corporation to you all. My institute is also initiating a similar work. lets hope for a better sustainable green earth.
    Muhammad Inam ul haq.


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