Saturday, August 13, 2011

pumpkin / labu, Tanah Merah.

little pumpkin

I hope I will be lucky this time.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. Your vines look good and you are getting blooms. I hope you get some pumpkins from them too.

  2. I have been growing pumpkins, but would you believe it, never ended with fruits!.... somehow the little fruit failed at some stage. I hope this is one lucky PUMPKIN!!!

  3. What a sweet baby, the tendrils are so charming. I hope you have a big round pumpkin soon!

  4. Good luck with your pumpkin! I hope you get to harvest someone really nice ones.

  5. Rebecca @ In The Garden
    ~ I need to learn more about pumpkins, to get the little one grow bigger...

    Bom / Plant Chaser
    ~ Thanks, I really need this one to develop further.

  6. The vine look good! Hope you can harvest the pumpkin!
    I have no luck with them. The fruits just drop after a while...sigh...

  7. Hope you have better luck as I didn't the last time.

  8. Malar
    The Seasonal One

    ~ I check today, the tiny bulb turned brown and dropped. I hope another will appear soon.


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