Thursday, August 11, 2011

lady's fingers, no secrets.

It's the same location when roselle display beautiful flowers, and bright red fruits a few months back. Now it's lady's fingers turn. Both belong to hibiscus family. I go against the norm when I decided to replace roselle with lady's fingers. Even if lady's fingers fail to grow healthily, I will accept with full understanding that crop rotation is necessary to maintain soil's health.

Ladys' fingers fruits, flowers and many buds.

 All seven lady's fingers/ okra/ bendi are happy growing, flowering and fruiting. They don't show any withdrawal symptoms for growing on roselle's old vegetable bed. Probably they appreciate that I have done what I can do to improve the soil condition by immediately putting in organic fertiliser and compost after pulling out roselle.

Lady's fingers hold no secrets what to expect from them. We can count the number of buds waiting for their turn to bloom and produce fruits. Kakdah can in fact plan when to do curry with okra, or when to do giveaways.

bangchik and kakdah


  1. It is interesting to see okra actually growing on a plant. Buying them in a shop gives no idea of their origins. I had no idea they had such beautiful flowers.

  2. Can't say I'm a fan of the taste and mouth-feel of okra, but the flower sure is lovely.

  3. The flower is beautiful. I bet you can enjoy the beauty of it when sunshine is at it fullest.

  4. When in college and there is a need to plant a plant for whatever exercise, i normally choose okra for its ease of growing, easy parameters to measure and of course, i love to eat the fruits. The nice flowers are just the bonus!

  5. Well, I had several okras that were attacked by aphids so I chopped of the main stem. The okra plants fought by sprouting new shoots and they became three to four branched plants. That way, they actually fruit more frequent. Amazed by that as I thought they'd never grow new shoots...

  6. Beautiful... my okra plants are just about flowering too...

  7. easygardener
    ~ okra is a beautiful plant. Beautiful leaves, rich coloured stalks, nice veggie. Flowering is non stop, with seven plants growing, there bound to be flowers everyday!!

    ~ flowers are beautiful, daily occurrence!!

    I wong (依之汉)
    ~ Flowers are best viewed around 10am....... fresh and sweet!

    ~ Okra is a dependable plant, it will not die on you. with seven plants in our garden, harvesting is daily!!

    mahfudz mn
    ~ yes, I have tried that before cutting off the main stem. A friend taught me that to get more harvest, smaller, but more marketable size. Now, masih sangat dengan bendi.... seronok tenguk dia tumbuh sihat.., haha, tengukla seminggu dua lagi. Ngap batang tengah!

    ~ hope your okra will do fine.


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