Friday, August 5, 2011

gardening: an interesting social outlet

I wonder if there is another race being more colouful and flamboyant than the Malays. Their dress can be extravagantly colourful. There's a saying "biar papa asal bergaya", meaning in style even poor. I have attended a seminar in the middle east years ago, I thought they were a bit limited in choice of colour. For the ladies, their dress would be black shawl, black coat, black veil..... Huh....,the Malays  play with colours like living with rainbows.....

 Kakdah and Rose in the middle

Rose, a young member of the community recently got transferred to Putrajaya to join her husband there. Kakdah played the role of matriach , bringing ladies to the rooftop to make farewell lasted longer. They did their bit, picking chili centil, posing for pictures and joked around. Some ended with teary eyes, not due to the hot chili, Kakdah insisted.

picking chili centil

the ladies in such jovial mood

cili centil

Kakdah, the matriach.

I am coming to the point, that rooftop gardening is an interesting social outlet.
They laughed and cried before they finally let Rose go......

bangchik and kakdah


  1. How nice to see Kakdah too! The words 'living with rainbows' is so beautiful, and completely appropriate. Lovely chilies, and a nice way to spend some farewell time together.

  2. I think its great that you are able to meet other women and develop friendships and enjoy the one thing you have in common ...your garden. Looks like you had some happy goodbyes.

  3. i totally agree with the fact that gardening could bring everyone matter who or where u are...especially when u're blogging about ur garden..:)

  4. This is a wonderful post and really inspiring. By the way I love the photos of the women and I can see the bond between them, wonderful blog, and thanks for finding me in my corner of the world a very long way from you.

  5. a great achievement for a good start!!

  6. the beautiful colours of the clothes compliment the red hot chillies. Lovely to see how the communal spirit is transmitted through the sharing of growing plants

  7. Very nice post! Time spent gardening is a very joyous time! Thanks for sharing this interesting post. Also, thank you for commenting on my blog, glad you enjoyed my mosaic! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Happy Gardening! Mindy

  8. Stunning photos of a great garden with so many beautiful ladies. Gardening is so good for us all, we should share the joy and rewards. Those chillis look good!

  9. Rebecca @ In The Garden
    ~ Yea, i would place kakdah's photo once in a while, to make her grandchildren in Kedah happy... :) Ladies here are colourful, at least with their dress.

    Comeca Jones.
    ~ It's a surprise, rooftop garden can be a place to say goodbyes.

    ~ yes, that's the message we wish to push through. Garden for all!!

    Foxglove Lane
    ~ Bond between us is very much related to times being together for a common purpose.

  10. Rashid
    ~ thanks, we set bigger targets for rooftop gardening. Now is just phase 1, more to go!

    ~ how nice it could be if highrise apartments have rooftop garden for everyone to socialise.

    The Ebullient Gardener
    ~ yeap, gardening is an adventure to cool off stresses and surprisingly an avenue for communal bond too.

    ~ you have allotments for communal spirit, we have rooftop garden to mingle around. All centered towards gardening chores...

  11. Your sea of chilies is stunning. And a beautiful circle of women friends.

  12. Salam ramadhan...

    gardening could bring everyone together...nice blog!

  13. H2
    ~ the sea keeps turning red, and that gets them worried, the need to keep harvesting. Harvest cycle is every 4 days!

    Lovely Kitchen
    ~ Any effort to bring community together is worthwhile.


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