Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here is Bangchik!

I am responding to Malar's specific question "where is bangchik?" among  the 30 photos displayed covering the whole spectrum of  rooftop gardening - harvest festival! 23rd of July 2011 . A colourful event  indeed  with vibrant pictures as Amir noted,   but I purposely left  out the identity of Bangchik. Those who know me, would quickly recognise Bangchik by just looking at the short spiky hair, with heavy tan complexion. It's hereditary not sunbathing overdose!... aha.

The other day Kakdah called our daughter Farah,  but Adlina (our eldest grand daughter) quickly grabbed the phone, yelled and giggled  "Opah, Along nampak TokAyah dalam surat kabar!" (in English, "Grandma, I saw grandpa in the newspaper!")  She recognised the short spiky hair, more white than black  in Berita Harian 28th July  page 11 varsity section..... aha. So that is Bangchik.

bangchik pointing towards the rooftop to Hj Md Nor, the DG.
"a few hundred steps we will get there"

bangchik, welcoming Dato Ikmal

bangchik, introducing Dato Mustapha to the guests

bangchik responding to Dato Mustapha's question on stage

bangchik talking to Dato Rohani, TKSU  Ministry of Higher Education

bangchik welcoming everyone

bangchik and Dato Mustapha, touching the magic ball

Yesterday around 10.30am, a guy from New Strait Times, a young lady from  national daily Berita Harian and a photographer came  to do coverage on rooftop gardening. The photographer was busy zooming and clicking all over. They will let us know when the article on rooftop gardening will appear. The three young entrepreneurs were smiling and perspiring under the hot sun, harvesting Chili Centil, while the photographer was  busy looking for the best angle and mood and Bangchik kept shifting his role as gardener-blogger and a professional. At the same time I am visualising the busy schedule ahead when I answered yes to Jayanthi Naidu's request , 2 articles a week for Brimful - online lifestyle mag  in the making...

I had been presenting myself as gardener-blogger in my little vegetable garden blog, 
but not much on my professional existence. 
So that is bangchik for you Malar.

update:  Raising the rooftop on gardening
as in  New Straits Times 2011/08/03
from NST 3.8.2011

bangchik and kakdah


  1. I loved seeing this photos. It is nice to "meet" you again online!

  2. We are all many people rolled into one body aren't we?

  3. Ramadhan Mubarak Bangchik and Kakdah.

  4. Wow! Finally i know how you look like! ;)
    Selamat berpuasa!

  5. Salam Ramadhan BangChik...
    wah... kalau saya ada disitu sure tak cam dgn Bangchik...

  6. Good to know a little bit more of you, Bangchik!

  7. Am glad to have known you here Mr Bangchik, see that! There is now a Mr before your name! You are famous maybe enhanced through blogging! Congratulations! and i am happy to have been a part of your blogging life. More power to you.

  8. Wow... Bangchick... congrats on that being a gardener blogger representative...

    Selamat berpuasa...

  9. the article about your rooftop gardening is in the berita harian today..

  10. Macam Malar kami pun tertanya-tanya mana satu bangchik. Wah bangchik makin sibuk tak lama lagi jadi celebriti;-). Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

  11. Salam Ramadan BangChik & KakDah,
    Finally like Malar said, can see your look!

  12. Jeanne
    ~ thanks Jeanne, yes nice to meet you too.

    Sue@G.L. Allotments
    ~ yes we are,

    ~ selamat berpuasa to you too.

    ~ and make sure you turn up at IGEM2011 KLCC, 7 - 10 September 2011. I will be there with the rest the group, promoting rooftop gardening to the whole big world.

    ~ ok..., nanti kita jumpa di KLCC 7-10 September 2011.

    ~ I am a bit secretive.. aha.

    ~ I love the gardening-blogging part....

    ~ yea, like a senator.

    berita harian on 2nd July and NST today 3rd July, almost the whole page. Those who read NST 3rd july page 15 will have to guess, out of the names mentioned in the article which is bangchik real name.

    Malay-Kadazan girl
    ~ itu bukan selebriti...

    selamat berpuasa to you too...

    Rebecca @ In The Garden
    ~ Nice to see you too.

    ya.... selamat berpuasa.

    ~ i got the dates wrong, it should read as
    " Berita Harian on 2nd August and New Sraits Times today 3rd August, almost the whole page. Those who read New Straits Time 3rd August page 15 will have to guess, out of the names mentioned in the article which is bangchik's real name."

  14. after all of these years, at last i can see the true colours of bangchik.!! well done!!

  15. jalut
    ~ Thanks..... my true colours remain as black and white.. aha!

  16. No more secrets, least of all plants! Now we can safely point out when you're in the media.

  17. Keats
    ~ They have bigger plans for media blitz. Everything is very tactical now. They are almost ready to share rooftop gardening with the whole nation. They have the enthusiasm, skill and technology... haha. But Bangchik will stay far back.... far away from the media buzz... :)

  18. Bangchik, Congratulations!

    That's a great achievement. Kakdah and your children and grandchildren will be proud of you. Keep up the good work and please do not stop blogging. Selamat berpuasa during this holy month of Ramadhan.

  19. Autumn Belle
    ~ The number of posts per week may reduce, but blogging in general will continue...


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