Thursday, February 25, 2010

The last of our marigolds


the last marigold.

Marigolds seem to be growing forever. Little yellow dots appear tirelessly adding colour and character to our vegetable garden. Marigolds used to be regularly featured in this blog, but now they are about to go. That branch is the last to stand.... they are nearing the end.



  1. And here I thought that marigolds lasted forever. LOL! Do you save their seeds?

  2. Dear Bangchik, These marigolds do, indeed, look a sorry sight. At this stage of anything, it is a good feeling to have it out and begin again with something new.

  3. Do the marigolds help attract beneficials to your garden? I can't remember...i read about it somewhere. You probably know. :)

  4. Oh! The old good days are gone.

    You need to look for next episode.

  5. Hi Bangchik! Maybe it's not the end? I was thinking I might make a potpourri from the dried marigold leaves this year. I really love the way they smell. It will be time for me to start my seeds here soon!

  6. Sometimes my marigolds will reseed themselves and pop up again in another season. So maybe it's just goodbye for now, but we'll see you later!

  7. Your marigolds are near its end and mine are just sprouting... it’s a circle of life!

  8. I'm looking forward to mine appearing just as yours are on their way out. My marigolds self-seed profusely and I'm sure yours do the same when the time is right.


  9. Marigolds are such good performers, they seem to go on and on and last forever, but sadly that isn't quite the case.

  10. Our marigolds are in full bloom and adding much of orange / yellow to our garden these days....

  11. Bangchik interesting to see a plant just dying. I'm used to seeing plants getting killed by frost long before their due date.

  12. Hello,

    Nice blog!

    It's a pity that Google translates my blog so poorly, I can see that most of my carefully chosen words will be lost in translation;-) Luckily photos are universal.

    (I tell you this in advance, should you visit:-)

    Im a garden designer in STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN looking for garden bloggers to be inspired from, and you seem to have a inspiring soul:-)

    Have a nice day, cheers from Hillevissan

  13. Hocking Hills Gardener
    Edith Hope
    Dirty Girl Gardening
    Cottage Garden
    Ever Green Tree
    Trädgårdsmakare Hillevissan

    Thanks everyone..... Marigolds are special. When they first germinate, the first pair of leaves is just like any others, small and longish. The second pair begins to show the true character of the mother plant. The third and the fourth pair is definitely marigolds. And so on...

    Then they grow and grow, after a foot or so, they begin to form branches. You wait and wait, but they never bloom. Then after you are about to give up, the little buds start to appear at the tip. By then, the plants is matured and going downhill on their health level. They produce flower and seeds, when they realise, their time is almost over, and before its too late, they want to leave behind carbon copies.......

    I dont save seeds this time. I take dry flowers , loosen them and spread on spots I would like to see them growing.... Some has grown, some probably refuse to grow and some are swept by heavy rains before the roots had anchored.

    A plant should be viewed as a whole...., the tiny babies, the growing up plants, the matured, the blooms, the seeds and the readiness to go and leave behind seedlings to continue their legacy.

    Our marigolds has gone through the life spectrum and regularly highlighted in this blog. Its always sad to say goodbye to friends..., companions either in the form of humans or pets or plants. They do have souls!

    Thanks Trädgårdsmakare Hillevissan for your visit and comments. Ohh... "inspiring soul" ... that will make me cry... such a compliment. I will smile later.. haha.

    Putrajaya, Malaysia


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