Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FLOWERS at our plot In Putrajaya, Malaysia

We dont have many flowers in the plot.

Hibiscus or Bunga raya

Little plant that looks very much like kuchai

The little reddish brown things really look like flowers
as asin-asin orcekur manis (Sauropus androgynus) is getting matured.
We planted last year with cuttings of kitchen leftovers.
Asin-asin is best cooked as masak lemak adding
sweet potatoes (ubi keledek) and prawns (udang) in it.

Senduduk (Melastoma malabathricum).
We let three of these wild plants grow in a row
since January 2008. Now they are
almost 6 feet high and regularly trimmed.
I suppose senduduk seeds are scattered around
by the little birds known locally as burung ciak.

Selasih (Basil?) .. For kichen herb.
The flowers are very upright.


Our yellow bitter gourd flower or peria.
Normally there are two or three bees
hovering around the flowers early in
the morning , sucking nectar I suppose.

And of course the light yellow
flower of tamotoes,

Wild plants or weeds I posted earlier do have flowers,
tiny, pale looking but beautiful like this one,
which I like most..


  1. Glad to find another gardening blog in Malaysia, through Blossom Blooms. All your veges looks great.I have basil with purple flowers.

  2. The cekur manis in Sabah is called sayur manis or pucuk manis. Now that's good to change info. We usually tumis and mix egg with that vegi, its so sweet...

  3. FJL,

    there are many ways to do sayur manis... any thing that suits our taste...


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