Monday, March 23, 2009

Of course gourd is slightly bitter, so is life.

Some cant take bitter gourd or peria ( in Bahasa Malaysia) due to its bitter taste. We love gourd with its bitterness, because it somewhat replicates life. Life afterall is not sweet all the way through. We mature through the ups and downs, the sweetness and the bitterness.

We were looking at the plant from the kitchen which is very much visible. The plant is beautiful in its own way....
the kitchen window

The pattern
is like a work of art
and look at the climbing curls.

climbing curls

climbing curls

climbing curls

single gourd
partly hidden

baby gourd
stretching out horizontally with flower as crown.

the leaves
are of yelowish green

the twins,
hanging low
(water spinach?)
is filling up space on the ground.

The other day, Kakdah did goreng peria (fried gourd), mixed with grounded udang kering (dried prawn). Some restaurants serve fried gourd as crisps. Masak lemak peria is nice too.


  1. Peria also known as a vegi which cant lower those high blood level, its true or not but I love this vegi when cook with dried prawn, Tell KakDah to spare some of her peria dish, am salivating olredi ..You have so much in that 'little garden' of yours..:)

  2. Those are beautiful! I wish I could taste one--

  3. FJL,

    Have you tried "peria sumbat"?.. where seeds are taken out, and the cavity filled up with fish paste... same thing can be done to chillies and ladys fingers.

  4. Kate, thanks.

    Come over to Putrajaya, Malaysia and have bitter gourd dinner with us before the plant die off.... haha.

  5. You are so lucky to have the weather to grow such exotic vegetables, and I love "Ladies fingers" they are delicious in a curry.

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog, hopefully we will start producing veggies that are as lovely as this!

  7. Very beautiful and healthy bitter melon.

  8. Maureen,

    Of course, we have summer all the way through, but it is wet summer now!.. Heavy rain everyday, and the flowers and fruits are clinging tight!... A drier summer is the best..

  9. Hi Melanie,

    you can always try, and dont forget to put photos so we can see....


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